I come in peace. I’m Kyrie Moon, first of all, I’m not crazy, my reality is just different from most earthlings.

Both parents are from the north, but was born and raised a Mindanaoan, in General Santos City. Lived in Davao for 5 years, where I studied  Political Science tee-hee, at Ateneo de Davao University, and later on at Fashion Institute of Design and Arts, now I’m a 26 yr old Fashion Design and Merchandising graduate of FiDA [Fashion Institute of Design and Arts].Owner/Fashion Designer at Kyrie KoutureAll Seasons Dress Shop & Atelier 


Social Media Associate at Franky Media

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Gensan Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger – Vloger , Columnist for Edge Davao, Stylist, Creative Director, Photographer, Model & Modelling Mentor

I’m a peace-loving Libra whose love and passion for the arts are the core foundation of my whole existence.

A hipster in denial, whose interest consists mainly of the following; Fashion, Music, Photography, Movies, Humor, Conspiracy Theories, TV, Magazines, Food, Travel, Crafts, History, Mythology, Mysteries, Magic, the Occult and Philosophy in which this blog would embody. 

Started blogging way back in 2009, with a different URL tho… poisonedcupcakes, I just moved it to Kyrie Kouture.com 2010, just so I could get my name out there! 🙂 But since I named my fashion label — Kyrie Kouture, I had to take my blog down and turn it into my business/portfolio site, and so KyrieMoon.com was born. 

The name KyrieMoon started off as a joke, as some of my friends associated me with Sailor Moon / Usagi, Which is  quite awesome, considering Sailor Moon is the show that got me hooked into anime, in which I developed a flair for fashion and drawing.

This blog materialized, hoping that I could inspire and make whoever reads this blog embrace the madness within.  Pardon me if this blog is a bit who-hooo, and informal, I’m just keeping it real and writing my thoughts down as they come and go.

First impressions towards me, (so I’ve been told), snob, mean, hard to get along with, but once you get to know me, you’ll be surprised. 🙂

A realist who is aware the world isn’t perfect and people aren’t perfect, but still chooses to believe on the brighter/good side of everything. Because I want to be treated the same.

A loon, who’s working hard and won’t stop at nothing in order to be able to make it big on the fashion world someday.

Probably someone cast an undying love spell on me, towards my family, my friends, my love and my dreams.