Your feelings matter

Your  feelings  matter

Have you ever tried to hold back extreme diarrhea? When your body keeps telling you to explode but your mind if telling you to keep yo cool.

I’ve always remembered people telling me to chill, to relax, to lighten up, to not show other people what I truly feel, cuz It’ll make it easy for them to read me, and thus making me an easier target.

So I did. For the most part of my life. Until the day came that I couldn’t take it any more. I had a meltdown. That was a dark day. I know some of my classmates from college could still remember the day when I totally lost it and went all exorcism-of-emily-rose up on the 7th floor of the Finster building.

That was the time I realized that you can’t always bottle down your feelings. That being sad is OK, it happens, there won’t be a happiness without sadness. It’s OK to voice out your feelings and opinions. That being anxious is a natural response to different situations. So no matter how many times those emotions take a roller coaster pass at your brain, YOU-CAN-GET-THROUGH-IT.

Cry it out if you have to. Get your boxing gloves and punch a freak’n punching bag if you have to. Scream! Sing! Exercise. Let it all out! Once you do, you’ll feel so much better. Trust me. Turn those emotions into something that could make you, instead of break you. Let’s say you’re feeling sad, write it all down on a journal, so whenever you read back to that journal entry, your future self can learn from it. If you feel frustrated, focus that energy into finding a solution to your frustration. If you feel angry, crank up you most bad ass playlist and hit the gym and sweat your anger out. Try to stay away from anything self destructive, cuz we all know that’s not gonna help.

But, hey, I totally get it that some situations demand control. For example, if you’re handling a super annoying situation with a super annoying client, or worse, your boss. That’s where it gets complicated, that really demands us to like, keep those bad emotions out. But there is no harm in pretending for a bit, you can let it all out once your shift is over. lol.


We’re all being told to consider what other people would feel, putting their need of acceptance above our own. That’s why some people grow to hate themselves. They let other people call the shots, so much so, they begin to forget who they really are.

My point is, you’re strong, you made it this far. You can look back at your past experiences and realize how strong you are for getting to where you are now. You got this. 💕

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