What’s in my bag?


I’m a bit lazy, it is known. (It is known). Rather, practical, I hate having unnecessary stuff in my bag.Β Which is why I’m very picky with the things that go in my bag. I’m leaving out some out of the photos, simply cuz I didn’t like how they looked on the photo.Β πŸ˜† e.g pads, Β 


1.) Maybelline New Clear Smooth All In One, Shine Free Cake Powder, Nude Beige – Let’s face it, huge ass powders take too much space, and how heart breaking is it when you accidentally drop it and the cake cracks, and you haven’t used it that much yet. T_T *KREYS*

2.) Sunnies – When in Gen SUN, sunnies are a MUST!

3.) BYS Concealer – From all the concealers I’ve tried, I’m soooo down with this Australian brand. It blends well with my skin tone and it doesn’t crack up when it dries or gets exposed to heat and sweat. Plus its size, makes itΒ handy

4.) Etude House Pen Liner – For emergency smudges.

5.) Evian Facial Spray – This baby comes in handy if its super duper hot and humid.

6.) Revlon, Ultra HD, Matte Lip Color, Devotion –Β I love carrying this around even if I rarely re-apply it cuz It lasts the whole day!

7.) Brush – For myΒ powder, sometimes my blush. Depending if I’ll be exposed to extreme heat or not.

8.) Hand Cream – I hate the feeling I get when my hands are dry and I touch fabric. Which makes hand creams a must!!!

9.) Maybeline Hyper Curl Mascara – Β My lashes are short and I love this gem of a mascara! Curls and extends my lashes, plus its waterproof!

10.)Β Maybeline Velvet Matte Lip Mat 12 – Cuz bringing one lippie is not enough. I love this shade, plus it doesn’t dry out your lips, even if its matte.

11.) Kokeshi CheeryΒ “I bring Luck” by Valeria Attinelli – Β Scent + Luck. The tangy fragrance with notes of jasmine and cherry blossoms brings good luck and prosperity, with a hint of green apple. <3 Plus the bottle, painted byΒ Valeria Attinelli is just too adorable.

12.) Contact lens case – Cuz correctionalΒ glasses are too mainstream!!! HAHAHA



13.) Salonpas – I get neck pains a lot, especially when I travel. Go ahead laugh. πŸ˜›

14.) Rubbing Alcohol –Β Yey for clean hands! Could also be used to clean your phone, remove stains, from food, ink and even makeup.

15.) Wet Wipes – Same as the rubbing alcohol, for hygiene and fashion emergencies.

16.) Japanese Sailor Moon Crystal StarΒ Gashapon / Vending Machine Mini Mirror – Got this baby from Bangkok and I use it to store aspirin. lol. I’m vulnerable when I get headaches so I always bring aspirin.

17.) Rosary and Baby Jesus figure – I can’t leave home without this. They’re both gifts from my Mom and they’ve been in my bag since my first year in college which was way back in 2007.

18.) Ice Cream Unicorn Wallet – Cuz, how could you not have an Icecream Unicorn Wallet?!? If you don’tΒ own one, what is wrong with you? Get one now! HAHAHAHA



19.) Samsung Tab A with S Pen – Hoping I could do a review about this baby soon. This is my idea buddy. Boredom killer. Β This baby saved me loads of times. From flight delays, long bus rides, and long lines/queues. Β I sketch my ideas here, watch TV series, read books/comics, listen to music, it also serves as my backup phone, camera and storage drive whenever my phone is drained.

20.) Flash Drive – For ‘survival flash drive’ (where I store scanned images of my travel documents, just incase) and business purposes .

21.) Kyrie Kouture fliers – A girl boss gotta market her business… can I get an ‘AMEN’ on that?

22.) Power Bank – Cuz everyones life nowadays depends on their phones battery life.

23.) Pen –Β I have a pen…. I have an apple…. *you’re probably thinking..”OH NO SHE DIDN’T!”* hahaha!!!


Hope you guys enjoyed this post.Β biggrinΒ What are your bag necessities that you can’t leave the house without?

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