When a woman cheats on her boyfriend, she’s a slut. But if a man does it, he’s a player.

“Everyone knows her bag’s a knock-off”
“Of course he knows how to do make-up, he’s gay”
“She’s naked, swinging on a wrecking ball.”
“Female fashion blogger- oh, she’s so sexy, chic and classy. Male fashion bloggers-gay.”
“You’re not a real fan cuz you’ve never read the comic books”
“Sexy nga hipon naman” (hipon- or shrimp term used to describe someone who has a hot body but an ugly face, cuz when you eat shrimp you eat the body and throw away the head)”
“She keeps on posting annoying things on Facebook, attention seeking !@#$”
Damn it, why does Facebook have that option to post status updates and pictures, whyyy ohhh whyyyy??? (sarcastic tone)


Let this bipolar war-freak-hippie preach.

Although the power of deduction, ala Sherlock Holmes might sometimes be handy, that details on a persons physical aesthetics is a reflection of their life and personality…if you’re no Sherlock, then shut the fox up. You have no right to judge people, unless  you’re a judge in the court of law, then excuse me. Hahaha
I am not fan of double standards, sexist – homophobic remarks, religious-racial stereotypes.

But here’s the deal. It doesn’t matter, let us not dip in, the pool of crap society wants us to be brainwashed in. Don’t let them control us. Cuz everyone has their own formula for everything, an idea of what beauty is, an idea of what a perfect life would be. Just because mainstream media shows us porcelain skinned models with silky hair, size 0 bodies, “successful” men driving luxury cars and shit, don’t let them fool you. THINK. What is it that you truly want, disregard everything you have seen on TV cuz in the end we’re still, human. If we’re all going to burn, we’re all gonna be the same pile of ash. Everyone deserves the right to be treated with respect, without bias, yes, I know its not easy, as a part of being human we’re all flawed, but there’s nothing wrong with trying.


Don’t stick your high and mighty nose on other peoples business, unless you’re faced with a reason to be worried for that person, as long as it concerns that persons physical well being. There’s a reason why we say… “Its their life“, cuz its not ours, that we don’t have the right to mingle with theirs.

And yes, people will always make, bad decisions in their lives, but its on them, not us. The effect of the decision that they might have done, might be negative at some point, but that’s something that is way beyond our control. In some point of our lives we could reflect upon the reality, that our past bad decisions shaped us into who we are today.Just try to be nice to each other, even if that person is sometimes a duche.

I dunno why, I had this sudden urge to tickle my keyboard.

Ignore my profanities. I’m flawed. lol.

Conjuring up a Valentines day post… HAHAHA. What the hell right?

                                                          May the force be with you,



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