What to Wear and Not to Wear to Neon Rain + Tips

What to Wear and Not to Wear to Neon Rain + Tips
-A party for a cause, with the country’s hottest DJ’s. Rave! PARTY! RAVE! For the benefit of Save the Children Foundation. On July 18 2015 at Robinsons Activity Center. Get ready for Sox-sargens first neon music festival!
Ticket Prices:
GA: P200 | VIP: 500
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Going to a rave is all about having fun and expressing yourself. Hence a perfect venue to channel fun and creative #OOTDS.

The first part of your night begins with your outfit choice, this will be the foundation of your evening, so make sure its stable.

When picking an outfit for a rave, always put comfort first, you’ll be dancing the whole night long, make sure your outfit could keep up with you. Second, check the weather forecast, so you could be able to prepare for it. A hoodie, a cardigan, or a jacket tied around your waist, a throwback to the 90’s grunge trend will do the trick, if ever there are chances of rain.

WHAT TO WEAR: There’s a thin line between, fashionable and tacky, be sure you know whether you’re the one or the other. Basically anything goes with tops, but I recommend something soft and loose. Vibrant neon colors would glow under black light, which would be awesome with the neon paint around.

WHAT NOT TO WEAR: SUPER TIGHT TOPS, cuz they’re a bit uncomfortable as it generates friction on your skin while you dance, and it could get a bit uncomfortably irritating in the long run.


WHAT TO WEAR: Like I mentioned, comfort first, so anything would do… Just make sure you’re comfortable and its age appropriate, and could get you through the whole night!

WHAT NOT TO WEAR: Yes, fashion is expression, but keep in mind that what you think you are, won’t always be what others would perceive you. So if you’re truly a conservative girl/guy that doesn’t want to be objectified, talked bad about, and stereotyped, there is such thing as too-much skin, even at a rave. Like I always say, lets keep if classy folks!!!

WHAT TO WEAR: Cute, fun, rad, statement pieces could go a long way. Plus, it makes you stand out on a wild crowd. Let’s your friends to easily find you in a sea of ravers.

WHAT NOT TO WEAR: Too much accessories, you wouldn’t want to look like a christmas tree.

WHAT TO WEAR: Shoes you could dance on. Sandals you could dance on. Kicks that you won’t mind getting paint on, stepped on, or even covered with mud.

WHAT NOT TO WEAR: The venue is outdoor, considering the weather were having, chances of rain are high, so lets not wear heels. Unless you’d like to sink on the wet ground, if so why not? *sarcasm intended*


  • Bring extra clothes, put them inside a plastic bag, or even just a shirt, so even if it rains, you won’t get yourself sick.
  • If you don’t plan on bringing on a bag then, bring with you a coat/hoodie/hat to cover yourself with incase of rain.
  • No ones in a hurry, so don’t drink excessively. Slow and steady wins the rave. lol.
  • DANCE, DANCE! If you are too conscious of your moves, how do you expect to have fun. Let loose and just feel the beat, don’t mind those judgemental eyes that might come your way.
  • Buddy up with your BFF, BF/GF or barkada, and watch each others back.
  • Be prepared for anything, meet up strategy if ever you get separated from your group/pair, how to get out of a commotion, rain, a riot, and earthquake, judgement day, lol. Maybe not the last ones, but you get my drift. *wink*
  • Party drugs are a big no no!!!


 Be sure to use the official hashtag #SunCityMusicFest when you upload your OOTDS!!!
See you there!!!


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