Well, well well, What do we have here? Haha. I couldn’t imagine, what if someday Lady Gaga would have a child, and how the hell is she gonna explain to her child the reason why she’s wearing meat.

Rihanna’s belt flew to her, fiery red hair, (who’s colorist should be fired BTW.)

Katy Perry, enough said.

Hayley, what were you thinking??? You lost me with the white blazer. You’re outfit would have been a bit better if you used a neon pink blazer w/ a nice fit,(it would have gone well w/ you’re turquoise tube top)

Still, outrageous style is still style, in the same way as a bad emotion is still an emotion.

These ladies only prove, that fashion has no boundaries (well it depends on what country you’re from, haha. who knows, there might be a country that doesn’t allow people to wear meat.)LOL.

Complete List of Winners—-

Video of the Year
Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Best Female video
Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Best Pop Video

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Best Dance Video

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Best choreography

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Best Editing
Lady Gaga -Bad Romance

Best Direction
Lady Gaga -Bad Romance

Best Collaboration
Lady Gaga feat. BeyoncΓ© – Telephone

Best Rock Video
30 Seconds To Mars- Kings and Queens

Best Special Effects
Muse -Uprising

Best Hip Hop Video
Eminem – Not Afraid

Best Male Video
Eminem – Not Afraid

Best Art Direction
Florence + the Machine -Dog Days Are Over

Best Cinematography
J-Z and Alicia Keys- Empire State of Mind

Breakthrough Video

The Black Keys – Tighten Up

Best New Artist
Justin Bieber -f/Ludacris Baby


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