Fancy a Romantic 8-Course Fine Dinning Date at The Farm @ Carpenter Hill Koronadal This Valentines Day ?

KYRIE MOON @ The Farm at Carpenter Hill | Looking for the perfect / romantic Valentines Day dinner date experience? Look no further! The Farm at Carpenter Hill‘s


for just P1,899 , Degustation is a 8-course meal that will surely get your hearts pumping with joy and excitement! I would know, cuz that’s what I felt after sampling their Valentines Day menu, which by the way is passionately  prepared for 4 months, pushing the limits of the culinary industry in the region using the best locally sourced produce that the province of South Cotabato has to offer.

Dinning at The Farm at Carpenter Hill’s Steakhouse it truly a romantic feast for all senses. Right beside the main door if their al fresco, where you can enjoy your fresh meal with fresh air.  Once you’re in, you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking display of lifelike taxidermied dear, as if they just came out of the farm just to welcome you in, which added to the warm and log cabin-esque  feel to the place. ( Refer to photos above, CLICK TO ENLARGE)

When we entered the main dinning hall, we were welcomed and led to our table. As this was my first time at the steakhouse, I was amazed on the wooden fixtures, from the tables, chairs and lights to the mirrors in the wash room. Across the hall you’ll see the Chef and his crew working on your meals, through a glass window, is their open kitchen concept, show guests how their meals are being prepared.

The menu is inspired by Filipino favorites that were each given a modern twist. I enjoyed each and every dish, but my favorite has to be their ensalada which is the Florante and Laura at close second is their Pinasayang Baka ( Wagyu beef) as you can see on THIS live video that I savored every bite of it.

I rarely eat fish, only fillets and tuna , cuz I have an irrational fear of swallowing fish bones, and am too lazy to take the bones off of ’em. That’s why I enjoyed their Laing na Isda so much, no bones! And the taste, so creamyyy! Omoooo …?

The desert, my gosh. It’s by far the best ice-cream I EVER had (so far) to be honest. The play on different textures, from the coconut milk curd, to the coconut meat, coconut milk, coconut ice cream and rice crispies served in a coconut shell. It was just delightful, and for some reason it made me feel like a kid again.

I would love to describe each and every dish for you loves but I feel I won’t give them justice.  Honestly, you should experience it all yourself.

All I could do is share  my experience and it was delightful. The overall ambiance, the presentation, the service, the number of times that I was able to close my eyes after every bite, savoring each and every drop of the dishes and the surprises after each and every course. The Farm at Carpenter Hill Steakhouse ‘s Valentine menu DEGUSTASYON is truly a feast for all senses. I highly recommend everyone to experience this with your partner/family/friends this Valentines.

The DEGUSTASYON Valentine menu will only be available on Valentines Day, so better book your table now! Limited slots only.

To book a table, contact The Farm at Carpenter Hill Steakhouse
? (083) 228 – 1888 | 0918-921-0425 | 0917-726-0721 | 0945-146-7335



SOPAS; Sinayaw na Manok (w/ Jicama)
ENSALASA; Florante at Laura (w/ Fiddlehorn) MY NUMBER 1 PICK <3

LAMANG DAGAT; Laing na Isda (w/ Ugasip)
Palette Cleanser
MANOK; Manok ni Pater (w/ one month house made salted egg)

KARNENG BAKA; Pinasayang Baka ( Wagyu )
PANGHIMAGAS; Limang Paraan ng Magbubuko


To book a table, contact The Farm at Carpenter Hill Steakhouse
? (083) 228 – 1888 | 0918-921-0425 | 0917-726-0721 | 0945-146-7335

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