Types of People You’d (Might) See On SarBay

Types of people you’d (might) see on SarBay

Caution: to enjoy this post one must be open minded, these are just exaggerated opinions from past observations, don’t get to personal. Just for fun.
1. LoversOh YES…but… Technically they’re everywhere.
  • Hormonaly imbalanced young lovers – watch out for these youngsters, they make you feel that “awww… isn’t that sweet?” and in a second turn it into “What the hell are these kids thinking?!?”
  • Cute, you two should get a movie– These people project the acceptable kind of PDA.
  • Super Selfies– that’s their super power, if you bump into these people they would most likely ask to take a selfie with you so they could post it on whatever social media accounts they keep updated, you’re wondering cuz you were never that close with him/her, for the hell of making it look like they have lots of friends, they would.
  • The “Shutterbug Photographers”– click! flash! click! flash! These people are there to capture the scenery or their friends…and I know how it feels to be the O.P (Official Photographer) of the group, cuz out of the 10 photos you took, only 1 of them have you on them. Some photographers document almost everything, as if they’re Β gonna make a brochure for the place. And sometimes is kinda creepy, cuz some fancy taking candid photos of beach goers. Some people might enjoy the attention (paparazzi-ish) and some might just feel uncomfortable with the whole idea.
There’s nothing wrong with documenting and taking photos for keeps but… Eer…
I’ll let The Yeah Yeah Yeahs tell you what I mean…


3. Ze Dancers– Sarbay is known for their epic dance parties and epic dancers, lol.
  • Extremely drunk and sexy almost strip club-ish dancers – overflowing with confidence and sex-appeal these type of dancers enjoy flaunting what they’ve got and they don’t have any problems with being objectified, they actually encourage it. Alcohol might have loosen them up, or they just really love the attention.

  • Old School Ravers – its either they’re just goofing off or they came from the 70’s and traveled to Glan via time machine. Either way they’re fun to look at and I find them quite jolly. Hohohoho
  • Β Freaky dancers– they don’t really care, they just wanna have fun as much as the next person. Or make themselves subjects for laughter or even ridicule, but they just don’t care, they’re too busy letting loose those wild moves.
  • BUDOTZ– enough said. If you don’t know what kind of dance this is, Google it. I don’t even have enough will to describe it.
  • I’m-too-cool-to-dance-so-I’ll-just-sway-sway-in-this-corner– No definition needed
4. Le Walking Convenience store, a.k.a The Effective Pack Rat – Anything you need, this person has it on his/her bag. If its a backpack, then its as if they have a “Camel-back” Name it. ANYTHING. *wink* You’ll be surprised how they fit everything on their bag. Well hydrated, sunscreen covered, immaculately attired, they’re the mountain climbers on the beach.
5. Le Royal Highness – Wears an invisible crown and acts as if they own the place and everyone is their servant. You’d spot them in a group, they’re the ones sitting on the corner while their peers are doing all the work.

6. SarBay Virgin – you could really tell its their first time, that they have no idea what to do, where to go, upon walking in the premieres, these wide-eye new comers huddle to talk about their next move like a special-ops team getting ready for a mission.

7. The Tourist – Spot them holding a camera, a map, booklet or their phone. Probably have a confused look on their face, hopped off a tour bus, following a tour guide, wearing a “Its more fun in the Philippines” shirt and khaki shorts, and a fanny-pack. Like the techie, they’ll take photos of everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

8. Drunks– Just like kaiju’s, they have different levels, depending on the time, their behavior and amount of alcohol consumption.

  • The Chillax ones– On this level, the ice hasn’t broken down yet, the conversations still make sense everyone’s mellow, and relaxed. Those who belong to this level understand the effects of the substance their consuming, that they don’t want to be a drooling mess in the morning, that they still want to remember what happened that night when morning comes. Or they have just developed a high tolerance that alcohol don’t seem to have any effect on them whatsoever.
Fun Fact:Β Alcohol is a suppressant as it suppresses the normal functions of your brain.
  • The Merry ones– Their emotions are amplified by the suppressant, they’re either really happy, giggling, laughing at everything, I mean EVERYTHING, or they’re super pissed, like I mean PISSED at everything, looking for fights and whatever, or suddenly has a burst or decrease of confidence and intellect.

  • The “I’m not drunk–I’m not drunk” drunks– I sometimes find these peoples denial adorable. You could see them defending themselves against their buddies that their livers aren’t that satisfied with the amount of C2H6O they’ve consumed and constantly demand more. And if given more they would level up to…(still debatable depening on their C2H6O tolerance)…
  • Too Drunk to Function Properly– as their blood alcohol concentration increases, they’re the ones who start slurring their words, probably have a have trouble with balance, coordination and attention.
  • “I could buy you, your friends and this club!”– Suddenly he/she becomes the King/Queen of the world, you just wanna slap them in the face. The level of confidence is overwhelmingly annoying on this one.
  • WASTEDΒ – spot them, they’re ones that look liked like they got eaten by a shark and spewed out back to shore, probably murmuring to themselves something like… “I will never let myself be this drunk again” and that’s exactly what they told themselves on last years SARBAY, HAHAHA. See them lying on the sand practically anywhere, or being dragged by their friends back to their rooms or tents.

9. Zombies (Hangover walkers) – Disoriented, walking in a walker-like manner, these people had one hell of a night. Most likely spotted wearing sunglasses cuz the sun blinds them, voice distorted from too much mouth action the night before, mouth action (e.g. shouting, singing, drinking or smoking. don’t get any wrong ideas πŸ˜› )

10. Sunblock models believe me when I say, there are guys out there who’are conscious to get uneven skin tone. LOL. These people went to the beach but would totally annoy their companions from too much drama, spot them as they always stay under a shade of a tree, a shawl, or an umbrella. Makes you think of, why are they even there in the first place.

11. Over Enthusiastic Party Peeps– Its one thing to just let loose and have a good time, and its another thing when you act so obnoxious/disrespectful, like a level V kaiju on dope, you’re messing with other peoples moods. You people know who you are.Β Keep your shitΒ together.

  • Whoooooooh Girls (YES, HIMYM reference)
  • Jersey Shore imports
  • “I don’t care about you, I’m here to party” people

12. The Fashionista-

“I planned this outfit for a whole year.”Β The shore is their runway. Some even with full on make-up, er-may-zing. I admire those who have the guts go the extra mile just to look awesome, in the same way I adore those who don’t seem to give a unicorns tush on what they’re wearing, I love how they could look so effortlessly chic. But there are also those who cross the line, from chic to inappropriate. So lets keep it classy, and not trashy ladies and gents!

13. Le Clowns – Catch them photobombing, burying someone on the sand, pulling their friends board-shorts down, or just simply pulling pranks, cracking jokes, and laughing out loud. Which I find really fun and cute, as long as it doesn’t go too far as to getting someone hurt or Disturbing other beach goers.

14. The Buzzkill – These people would be caught complaining all day, dragging people down with their prima-drama, they might Β as well have a “slap me I’m annoying” on their shirt. Don’t let these anchors weigh you down from having fun. Cut them off. LOL. #mean

15. The Β Cool Cats – These people know how to properly enjoy the festival and still manage to keep their reputation and dignity in tack without pissing other people off. They know better than to mess with other peoples good time.
Have you seen yourself in any of these categories?
– – –
There’s nothing wrong with letting loose and having fun, as long as we don’t get into other peoples businesses in a way that it pisses them off or disrespects them. No one wants to wake up full of embarrassment and regrets.
Clean fun you guys… clean fun. ^_^

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