The Pucci Spring 2012 Collection = Gypsy Chic

The Pucci Spring 2012 collection is fer sure an awesome hit, although not many people besides the supermodels walking down the runway and a handful of risk-taking celebrities could pull these looks off in complete confidence.

Artistic director Peter Dundas presented a collection of gypsy-chic looks that somehow remained modern—likely due to the prominence of black lace and visible panties underneath the sheer maxi skirts.

Everything in this collection is pure perfection the boho prints, sheer, maxi skirts, the suits, and even the cross necklaces, the looks are so Kyrie! (Blogging via third person LOL. )

The Pucci Spring 2012 collection is definitely a highlight of Milan Fashion Week and will be talked about for seasons to come.

I want the collection in my closet. Now.

And yes, I’d rock them. Wouldn’t even care of what people would think.

That’s just how I roll, betchez.



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