the Cross [1st post for 2011]

My first post for the NEW YEAR!!!!~ yey!!!CHEERS FOR THE NEW YEAR!!! ~YEY!!!


Wasn’t able to post anything for a while, been a bit busy in preparing for someone, that’ll be coming early this year. Any-who, would like to start with my wish f
or this year:



I wanted to blog about the cross, cuz I have designs based on the cross for my new line YOUNG AND DANGEROUS CLOTHING . Just thought you’d like to know why I chose this topic for my first post this year. [planning to release the line early this year maybe on the February or March, cuz I’m having a bit of trouble with the production, conflict with time, augh.]

The Cross in general has many implications and meanings.

The Egyptians have the ankh, (uyyy… I learned something from our History of costume. rawr.)
Then theres the green cross, red cross, high cross, sun cross, and believe it or not the swastika is also a cross. I don’t understand why there are people who make it such a big deal, that ;
Honestly you guys its not, its just a symbol, just like a heart, a star, and the peace sign. Speaking of signs and symbols, the symbol for addition is also a cross! So is it also wrong to use it as a mathematical tool?
I’m a Roman Catholic, and I like wearing crosses. For me its not in what you wear, if your faith is strong, it wouldn’t mean anything even though you have a inverted cross on your shirt.
I just figured to talk about this, cuz back then (can’t remember exactly when) I had a conversation with a friend (can’t remember who, damn, I’m getting old. haha.) and he/she told me that he/she got scolded by his/her mom for wearing a black rosary. To think its somehow meaningful because the rosary is indeed for praying, but the Christian Cross isn’t the only cross there is, so anyone who thinks so otherwise can forget about it. No one means to disrespect, its a form of self expression.
For as long as I could remember the cross is often related more to the Gothic Pop Culture, right? So from then a lot of people began to express themselves through wearing crosses. And today since its a trend already to mix edgy and chic, gothic and sophisticated, high fashion with street fashion, its kinda acceptable i guess. But coming from a country that has the majority of its population are Christians, I think i would have a hard time in making some of my works to be accepted here.

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