The Band is With Me


Music has always been there for me, its one of the strongest foundations of my life, one of the few things in this universe that keep me sane.

Was brought into this world, (as I mentioned before on a previous blog post)
to ACDC’s – Thunderstruck, my father made sure that I would have a kick-ass entrance song, as he said it would have somewhat an artistic effect on me as I grow up.
I grew up hearing him listen to KISS, Iron Maden, Van Halen, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, and a lot more. (Believe me when I say a lot, he has a cabinet full of tapes, that are waaaaay older than me, cassette tapes from waaay back when he was still in high school).
Cheers to my Dad for being awesome,
for being a great Dad and for sharing all his music know-how to me.
Blessed be.
I only wear stuff that I’m comfortable in, and over sized band shirts are on the top of my list.
They never go out of style. You can wear them as dresses, crop, fringe, and tear them even.
I love wearing them, they make me feel so badass.

The Band Is With Me
Top: Dads Closet
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Thrifted
Photos by: Aidx Paredes

Have set myself to a never ending mission to collect shirts from all my favorite bands.
Still, I got my heart is broken, as through the years, I’ve lost some of my shirts, some people borrowed them and never gave them back, some I can’t find in my closet, and some grew small on me. 🙁
In memory of my Chicosci, Saydie, Linkin Park and Flyleaf shirts. 🙁
The shirts that I have now are only
Aeroforce one(Aerosmith), Paramore and
that KISS shirt I’m wearing (hand me down from my Dad)
Nevertheless I’m still hopeful that I’ll have them all someday. If anybody knows anybody who sells band shirts here in the Phil please, do contact me.
Band tees I want in my closet:
And many many more… :))
Here are some of my favorite celebs rock’n their band tees…
We have the ladies…
And the gents…
Rock n’ roll forever sexy as fork. :))
photo from Young & Dangerous Clothing’s first collection, Pretty Tough, Photo by: Aidx Paredes
check them out HERE
The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought.



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