The Art of Not Giving a Fudge

The Art of Not Giving a Fudge.

                 If you let the cr#p people throw at you, hit you, partly you’re responsible for it too . Cuz you’ve let it happen. I’m not saying that I fully mastered  this ability, of not caring as much, and yes, I too am human and sometimes get affected, but mostly it has a lot to do with hormones, hahahaha not much from my psyche.

There are things that deserves to be given a fudge, and there are those things that don’t deserve to be given a flying fudge. Like if a person posts some nonsense on Facebook, or if the lady next to you at the counter is rude, or if the movie you watched didn’t turn out the way you want. Keep those fudges to fudging worthy situations. Its not easy but at least we could try.

Not giving a fudge doesn’t mean your ignorant/arrogant/indifferent, it means you’re comfortable being your genuine self, minus all the BS the world is spewing, into every aspect of our everyday life.

Here are some ideas on how to slowly learn and master the art of not giving a fudge.

  • Get To Know Yourself More– Be aware of your weakness, your strengths, what you’re capable of, and your limits. By doing so, you get a better image of yourself, that no mater what other people say to you, it won’t affect you that much. For example, you know for a fact you suck at math, (cough, cough) some people may use that to make fun of you, but you’re there chill’n like a villain and just be like…”I know, so what?” Big freaking whooop. “I know I’m hella good at other things.”
  • Stick to your MantraNo matter what that mantra is, stay true to it, don’t let the noise from your surroundings, get inside your head. Consistency is key, you can’t keep on switching sides, that shiz gonna drive you crazy.
  • Filter the Feedback – Pick the ones you’re gonna use to better yourself, and throw the pointless ones down a black hole. You hold the power, which ones your strong enough to deflect, and which ones that could really make you bleed. Its OK, cuz the bleeding will make you stronger.
  • This is one beautiful little planet, in one tiny solar system, in a galaxy that’s barley out of its diapers The universe is to big of a realm for you to fuss over every single detail it presents you with, why would you care if that girl on Facebook wears too much make-up, or if that dude has a twisted opinion on same sex marriage, or that random shmuck who you don’t even know personally, really hates your guts. Don’t waste your neurons on such nonsense.
  • True power reflects on ones ability to hold back– As much as you would love to go all Full Metal Jacket on that girl who’s been spreading rumours about you, step back, those people don’t deserve your attention or time, just shrug the feeling off, but draw a line, don’t let them walk all over you up to a certain level that you look like a helpless fool. Pick your battles well.
kyrie moon the art of not giving a fuck fudge
  • Be yourself. No matter what you do, mean humans will always judge you, might as well do whatever the fudge you want. Given that it won’t harm anyone, hahaha.

Let it go.

Will be updating this post every time I feel enlightened. hahaha.


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