The Alannah Hill Autumn-Winter 2011

Gosh. I need these shoes. NOW.
I have always loved and adored Blair Waldorf’s preppy outfits, but can’t pull them off,
they just don’t suite me. I don’t look sophisticated enough for it, haha. I love how the collection
seems to look like a fusion of Chanel and Betsey Johnson. Don’t you just love the prints,
and the textures of the fabric, on how they all complemented each other perfectly.
These are some of my favorites from the collection. If I had one of this outfits in my closet,
I would probably wear them to my first day of working at Vogue, as junior editor…hahaha…
I WISH! I can’t even put together a fashion blog properly, let alone be a editor.
Haha, I know, some dreams are made to be silly.

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