TALL GIRL Problems

Tall Girl Problems…

So I always get compliments on my height, like, all the time, “Wish, I’m as tall as you Kyrie.” And I reply, “It’s both a gift and a curse.” So heres why….

kyrie moon tall girl problems #TallGirlProblems

  • Taking photos with a group is not easy. You either have to stay at the back of the group, take a seat, or awkwardly bend your knees to get in the frame with everybody else.
  • To big to carry.  At a music festivals, you get a bit sad to see those petite girls that ride on a guys shoulders, not only that, but when you’ll get sh1t faced drunk, your friends can’t carry you home, ouch.
kyrie moon tall girl problems #TallGirlProblems
Tall Girl Problems
  • Shopping for clothes isn’t easy. Is this a dress or a blouse? A shirt or a crop top? Its either the pants/sleeves are too short, or — yeah the length of the pants is just right, but the waist line is 5 times bigger. Don’t even get me started with dresses! The style that you really want, they don’t have it in your size. Or it fits just right, but the length is too short, its showing too much ass. //Kreys
  • “My golly you’re really tall.” Sincerely, Stranger. Oh my, in my whole life, that never occurred to me, you must be a wizard! Everywhere you go some stranger will start to interview you… “Do you play basketball.” – “You should be a model” – “How old are you.” – “I thought you’re a dude” — I’m not  used to it yet, and most of the time its either really weird or awkward… How am I supposed to follow up — “You’re tall.” ? ~~~ Thank’s captain obvious!
  • BOINGK. You’ve hit your head on a number of things,  a light fixture at a cafe, a friends really low sports car, even christmas decorations.
  • Diglet. At public toilets/dressing rooms, our head’s stick out. Just like Diglet, with its head sticking out and its body buried underground.
  • I get bruises on my knees, ALOT. Whether its from a long bus ride, or a really low table at a restaurant, too much so that we sometimes look like a dalmatians.
  • Looking for a maxi dress that doesn’t end on your ankles. The struggle is REAL.
  • People telly that your intimidating or a bit snobby. And you’re not even remotely trying.
  • Rompers are a no-no. As your torso is long, of course in line with your height, a romper is so generous, that it gives you a major camel toe,  and some booty cleavage ,yikes!
kyrie moon tall girl problems #TallGirlProblems
Tall Girl Problems
  • OFF WITH HER HEAD. Mirrors in public restrooms, dressing rooms where your head gets cropped-off.
  • Wearing heels feels bittersweet. People stare at you like your a freaking titan/avatar. Some of your friends actually tell you not to wear heels when you go out. You feel awkward when you happen to stand next to guys that looking up to you.
  • “Hey, can you get that for me please?”. People ask you to reach for stuff.
  • When people below 5’9, say they’re tall. Pls. stop your mouth from moving, and don’t let those words escape your mouth.
  • Not being sexist here, just sharing my experiences but, sometimes, some guys feel emancipated by you, just cuz your tall. I can’t count how many times I was harassed by guys who just feel the need to make you feel bad, cuz they feel like it, or they feel small standing next to you. Just to state an example; Was passing time at the arcade, alone, waiting for an event I’m attending to start, played basketball, where there was a bunch of guys playing next to me, 3 of them were shooting at the same time, yet I surpassed their score, with two levels higher, after that I played Street Fighter, they surrounded me, and watched me play, and sarcastically praise my game, one of them even murmured that the controls might be broken, despite the fact that my game is on point. Grrr… That’s just one of the many experiences I had, if I spill them all here, I’m just gonna appear whiny and I don’t want that.
  • Like shopping for clothes, shopping for shoes is as painful. When I was still in high school, I can’t find decent pairs of school shoes, and have no choice but to wear those chunky almost boot like shoes to school, along with those boots are the remarks… “Hey, Kei, There’s a FIRE!!!” (Yea, cuz I look like a firefighter with those boot-ish shoes on).
  • “You have big feet.” Its physics bro, how the hell are my feet be able to support my height and weight if my feet are jus size 7?
  • You could never go full incognito mode. When you just want to pass by the mall and grab something specific, and not grab anyones attention. You just want to blend in. Which never happens, cuz you stick out like a katana sword among knives.
Like I said its a gift and a curse, sometimes I like the attention I get from walking into a room, and have people look to your direction, and sometimes I hate it. Hahaha. [Bipolar moment] But I love my height, I wouldn’t have it any other way. And by golly my legs, augh, I love them.
kyrie moon tall girl problems #TallGirlProblems
 What’s your Tall Girl Problem? #TallGirlProblems

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