Lake Holon w/ SOX Barkada

♥ SOX Barkada (gang) goes to Lake Holon!!!♥

Dec. 05, 2016
As I mentioned on a pervious video, I was part of DOT XII’s ad campaign for 2017, SOX is Next (check out the vid here: )
After shooting on our first location which is the pinapple plantation at Polomolok we set course for Lake Holon.
Lake Holon is the crater of the dormant stratovolcano Mt. Melibingoy (Mt. Parker), towering over 1400 MASL.


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Kyrie’s Ultimate SarBay Survival Guide

Kyrie’s Ultimate SarBay Survival Guide From  2013’s 75,000 attendees, to last years SarBay Fest hitting over 100,000 attendees, plus  over 18k likes on Facebook, Sarangani Bay Fest officially made it as “The Philippines Biggest Beach Festival“. The SarBay weekend is filled with fun activities, all to commemorate, celebrate and preserve the beauty of the Sarangani Bay.   From all the years I’ve been …

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SarBay Fest 2014; The Biggest Beach Festival in Mindanao

  May 16-17 2014, Hitting 100,000 attendees from last year’s 75,000. Over 12,872 likes on Facebook. Sarangani Bay Fest is a celebration of the conservation and preservation of the Sarangani Bay. The awesome SarBay Fest weekend was full of happenings and parties such as,  Day 1 – Swim  across the bay, SarBay triathlon, SarBay Bancarera, Sand Sculpture, Beach Volley, Beach …

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Types of People You’d (Might) See On SarBay

Types of people you’d (might) see on SarBay Caution: to enjoy this post one must be open minded, these are just exaggerated opinions from past observations, don’t get to personal. Just for fun. 1. Lovers– Oh YES…but… Technically they’re everywhere. Hormonaly imbalanced young lovers – watch out for these youngsters, they make you feel that “awww… isn’t that sweet?” and …

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Sarangani Bay Fest 2012

Sarangani Bay Fest is a celebration of the conservation and preservation of the Sarangani Bay. The Sarangani Bay Fest weekend includes the following activities: Swim across the bay, Lumba Bugsay, Bancarera, Bay Bodies, skim boarding competition, beach volleyball-football, sand sculpture contest, poi and zip clinics, mangrove planting, cleaning of the bay, and a lot more. The bay fest is culminated …

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