5 Reasons Why The Gensan Food Strip Is Your Next Foodtrip Destination

5️⃣ Reasons Why the…  🍗 🍺🌯 🍢🍽 Gensan TunaFest Food Strip 🍽 🍖 🍡🌮 🍛 …is your next foodtrip destination… 1️⃣  Wide selection of belly busting meals all around! 2️⃣  Affordable prices! 3️⃣  Festive ambiance 🎉 4️⃣  Super fast FREE wi-fi courtesy of Smart Communications, Inc., for your all your foodporn updates. 5️⃣  It’s something new! It’s open until Sept. 8 only! So hurry!!! Grab your barkada and fill your tummies with loads …

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DFAT 2017 Like Never Before #ConnectedDavao

My 1st DFAT (Davao Food Appreciation Tour) was pretty awesome. It didn’t disappoint, so I was super dupper stoked when I was invited to go again this year! And as expected, it got even better! The Davao Bloggers Society teamed up with the country’s fastest LTE provider, according to the latest report of OpenSignal, which used real-world app tests… SMART . Which made it super easy for us to share our #FoodPorn pics to all our friends and followers on social media all thanks to Smart’s improved network!


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