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My June list consists of my Top 10 Style Icons… First off…
“I’m the real wild child”

-Hanna Beth  is the epitome of  balance in terms of her style, it’s never too much of the same thing, its punk, grunge, goth, kawaii, glam,w 90’s kid all together, and she pulls it all off and for me, looks classy, clean and elegant, even if her arms are filled with tattoo’s.

I love Hanna, not only her style but also her personality, her life, you see Hanna was always bullied in highschool, she wasn’t really one of the popular kids, but it didn’t stop her from still dreaming of becoming a model, just like her mother. She was discovered by a photographer at the age of 16.  She soon landed her first big time modeling job for Sharp TV. Which made way for her career to bloom. Now she has already  been featured on 27 magazines, shot by probably a hundred or more photographers, appeared in countless ads and modeled for a lot of designers, she’s also a top fashion contributor on Buzznet getting her 76,036 followers on Twitter and a 2,620,000 search results on Google.

i do not believe in therapy. i am a strong believer of love, karma and fate. everything in life happens for a reason. people are always going to try and bring you down, but you can’t let that get in your way. everything i do has to be visually appealing to me. i am always tired. i get anxiety attacks like its part of my daily routine. i have bad hypochondria and im always convinced something is wrong with me. i read my horoscope everyday. i dont like being in the same place for more than a few weeks. i constantly want to travel. i wear over sized shirts as dresses, i have never been a fan of pants. i can watch the movie yellow submarine on repeat for days. i wear more bracelets and rings than the average person. i hate whistling. i can’t stand silence, so i sleep with the t.v on. ive grown up in los angeles and it is a big part of who i am. my heart belongs in hollywood and always will. no where else feels like home. waking up with him is the best feeling. i prefer night time because i love gazing at stars. im sensitive. i eat too much sushi and take too many bubble baths. no one can compare to my brothers, they are the world to me. my mom is one of the strongest people i know, and always knows the right thing to say. my dad is a very driven, hard working man, and he is always there for me. he has taught me so much about the art world, and i am thankful for that. im the most organized mess in town. i could dance for hours. people always tell me im the hardest person to figure out, and i like it that way.”–Hanna Beth

Friends with Audrey Kitching, also a Buzz Maker at Buzznet… and my next style icon on the list. :3
Hanna and Demi recently celebrated their birthday together, both wearing custom Marco Marco dresses.
10 Random Facts about Hanna
  • Garbage was the first concert she ever went to.
  • She owns Sober is Sexy with her mother. * (Sober is Sexy is a clothing line creating awareness for substance abuse, the proceeds go to a different rehab facility every month, this month proceeds go to Friendly House LA)
  •  She was born in New York and moved to Los Angeles on her fifth birthday.
  • She has blogged for Buzznet since she was 18.
  • We share a love for Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol, Audrey Hepburn, Betsey Johnson, and David Bowie
  • She’s the biggest hypochondriac.
  • She wore a back brace when she was in high school 13 for her scoliosis.
  • Hanna never went to college.
  • She failed her driving test 3 times and then passed on 6-6-06.
  • She have dyed her hair every color, she started in third grade.

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Get to know her more…check out her blog…

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