Style Icon: Audrey Kitching

“Twist and tear and boogie woogie”

-Audrey Kitching if ever Grunge and LOLcats got married,  Audrey would probably be their baby. Best known as a “scene queen” and a fashion writer for Buzznet. I’m absolutely in-love with her style, just like most of my style icons, she’s unpredictable. I think she changes hair color depending on her mood, you can never see her in a single hair style for too long. 

I first heard about her way back when she became Panic @ The Disco’s Brendon Urie’s girlfriend, but she was more of a “scene kid” back then, now, she’s this vintage glam, cotton candy pink haired, sometimes grungy girl… I can’t keep track on what her style really is, its so hard to define.

She’s has a lot of haters online, well everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, I don’t personally know her so I can’t say I hate her, or love her, because she’s sometimes inconsistent with what she says and actually does, she also tends to be mean sometimes, on her tweets, her replies to rude comments, but heck! We’re all mean!!! Nyahahaha!!! Regardless of whatever the hell she truly is, you have to say, the chick has style.
Even if her haters tell her that she’s a copy cat which is preposterous! Some people tend to hate on awesome people, because their brains cant comprehend your awesomeness!
Audrey manages to maintain her awesome hairstyles, cuz she’s a hairstylist.
Audrey and Taylor.
She’s a vegan.
With Hanna Beth
I’m not only in-love with her style, but with her boyfriend since forever Daniel Barrett as well. NYAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
#IWantOne #LOL
10 Random questions answered by Audrey
1.  Where do u get those short little gloves that you where? Im actually going to be selling the ones I wear in my new webstore going up in January, mine are shiped from over seas.
2. Most underrated shops: New York, LA, and Philly? NY-Patricia Fields/ Girl Props LA-Popkiller/SLOW Philly-Retrospect
3. You probably think this is dumb, but how do you get your hair so volumized and still look so tidy? The secret of extensions.. 🙂
4. How did you make it to where you are today? A lot of hard work, you guys and undying passion for what I do
5. When did you first dyed your hair? I think in 5th grade i discovered ” SUN IN” worst idea ever… 90s bleach in a sun bottle. Orange fried hair never looked so good.
6. What products do you use to keep your hair looking so healthy? 🙂 I like Aveda and this green tea leave in oil from Japan
7. Why are you not living stable in Philly? why did you choose L.A.? For what I am doing Los Angeles and New York are where I need to Live. Los Angeles is not forever…I plan to move over seas and to New York at some point.
8. I look at pictures and have seen how your style has evolved over the past few years, but how did it start? Well I use to wear purple leopard crushed velvet jumpsuits at the age of 13…i guess its just who I am
9. Where are the most places you shop for clothes? Vintage stores, online and DIY
10. Whats your favorite band? I don’t have one, I am a soundtrack song person.

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