SarBay Fest 2014; The Biggest Beach Festival in Mindanao

SarBay Fest 2014 Kyrie Moon
May 16-17 2014, Hitting 100,000 attendees from last year’s 75,000. Over 12,872 likes on Facebook. Sarangani Bay Fest is a celebration of the conservation and preservation of the Sarangani Bay. The awesome SarBay Fest weekend was full of happenings and parties such as,  Day 1 – Swim  across the bay, SarBay triathlon, SarBay Bancarera, Sand Sculpture, Beach Volley, Beach Football, Skim boarding, Paddle board, Poi and Zip clinics, SarBay Zumba, Fire Dance Exhibition, then to end the first night with a bang, Bay Bodies 2014 and the Summer Party at the Bay Foam Party.
I had an awesome time, dancing the night away along with my SoxBloggers family. Partied hard, and later on slept comfortably in the Glamping area, provided by the SarBay organizers, it includes one tent already set up for you and you can take it home with afterwards, for only 1,200-1,600 for a quad and six person tent, since all the resorts are fully booked since last year’s festival.  Aside from the Glamping area, each resort also has their own area for tent cities.
Food stalls are strategically located near the main event area, that gets swamped and packed up every night. Food and drink establishments from all over Mindanao came and satisfied the never ending demand of food and booze of the festival goers. A charging station was set up for all sorts of gadgets, and boy was it packed.
SarBay Fest 2014 Kyrie Moon
SarBay Fest 2014 Kyrie Moon
Day 2 started with a yoga session then back to the beach sport events and even more games. The night before really drained us so we picked a spot and lounged by the beach, had a few drinks and even went on a banana boat ride which was totally random by the way, still, no regrets had so much fun, will be doing it again next year, and hopefully I won’t fall off then.
By 7pm lights took over the event area with fire dancing exhibition and local bands playing, which is the opening before the Concert at the Beach & Splash in the Sky, an all-night beach part featuring a jaw dropping 20+ min. fireworks display, Kamikazee, Manila DJ’s DJ Kish & DJ Kristina Badkiss.
SarBay Fest 2014 Kyrie Moon
wouldn’t have partied so hard on SarBay 2014 if it weren’t for the hardworking organizers, who prepped up the beach to be a party epicenter or should I say EPIC-center, Hon. Vice-Gov. Jinkee Pacquiao, and Hon. Cong, Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao. A big thank you to Hon. Gov. Steve Chongbian-Solon and Mam Michelle Lopez-Solon for the hospitality, marketing and social media head Oliver Layco, my Soxbloggers family, and Go Sarangani Travel & Tours for an awesome awesome time.
Next year, SarBay Fest will be on its 10th year so I expect that it’s going to get even bigger, better and wilder!


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