Sarangani Bay Fest 2012

Sarangani Bay Fest is a celebration of the conservation and preservation of the Sarangani Bay. The Sarangani Bay Fest weekend includes the following activities: Swim across the bay, Lumba Bugsay, Bancarera, Bay Bodies, skim boarding competition, beach volleyball-football, sand sculpture contest, poi and zip clinics, mangrove planting, cleaning of the bay, and a lot more. The bay fest is culminated by a huge beach party in Glan, Gumasa.
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The beaches on Glan, Gumasa are one of the reasons why the Philippines IS The Pearl of the Orient, with its crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, coral reefs, and rich marine life, is surely deserves a spot on your list of getaway destinations.

Reasons why you should:
  • Accessible, its just one van ride away from General Santos City
  • Affordable, you don’t have to empty your pockets, and you totally get more than what you paid for! You won’t regret it.
  • Awesome, the locals, the resort personnel, and everything.
  • Because I said so. BWAHAHAHAHA :)) *my intentions are pure, so don’t take this too seriously or in the wrong way, its just that I tend to joke around every-now-and-then*
What I Wore
Swimwear top: Quicksilver
Top: Thrifted
Denim shorts: Roey’s Closet
Bowler hat: Gmal Gensan
Sunnies: Police
Wanted to go with the neon trend, but seeing as my hair is already bright, a neon inspired outfit would be too much. So went with black, you could never go wrong with black, seeing as to how bright the Sarangani Bay view would be, it would create a prefect contrast. Who say’s black isn’t for summer? 😛
just a splash of color, some wrist candy.
Got a henna tattoo of a triple moon with a pentacle on the middle and dream catcher-ish beads and feathers. Probably a result of all my Semiotics readings this summer.
I’m guessing no one wants to get a tan. :))
The heat didn’t stop Janette and I to ekszflor the sights and happenings along the bay.
SARBAY gave me the vibe of Woodstock (cuz of all the tents, since the rooms on the resorts can’t accommodate dozens among dozens of beach goers), Coachella (ze music and booths), and Boracay (le clear waters and white sand beaches)
Funny thing, Janette and I just planned the trip the night before.
You know what they say,
“The best things in life aren’t planned.”
The dude on the right did my henna.
The way they fool around together plus the dreads reminded me of…
tee-hee… :3
Bumped into…
with James Bautista, and yes, a meme to cover my derp face is required.
Metropolitan Model from Davao, zuper zeksy Mayenne, whom I got to work with during the Primer Group of Companies fashion show at

Abreeza last February.

James’s henna tattoo. True story bro? :))
As soon as the lights dims, more people emerged from their tents and cabins.
Will update this post with more photos as soon as I could get permission from ze photographers. 🙂
Fun filled day, and nope didn’t party that night, I know, I really missed out… especially on KJWAN huhuhuhu…
Already had plans with the family and another party to attend to.
There’s always next year! Fingers crossed, that they could get even more bands to play next year.
What do ya think loves?
Photo’s from:  Joshyy Delica
Lookie James! So cute! :))


Love these candid shots, le derp faces are derp. :))
High-waist shorts are high-waist shorts.


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