Oscar Worthy

This Oscar de la Renta dress is a standout piece.
I just love everything about this dress, the fit, the fabric and the embellishments…
It’s really elegant with a pinch of spice.

I just love the cuts on this Pucci gown, not too much, just perfect.
I think this would be perfect for Anne Hathaway, since she’s hosting, who knows?
Maybe the dress would be in with her, uhh…
I dunno several wardrobe changes during the award ceremony.

Valentino never fails to keep simplicity and elegance in a dress.
J’adore, the color, the fabric, and the feel of the dress that is so romantic,
made it extra ordinarily fabulous.

Versace, one word…Zuperzexy…

Ralph Lauren, the shade of green is just magnifique.
And I am sooo loving the flow of the fabric.

This black Ralph Lauren dress would probably be what I’m gonna wear to the
Oscars this year, hahaha…by any weird chance that I will…but NOOOO…*sob*.
Why this dress? You ask?
Since forever, I had this obsession with Audrey Hepburn’s iconic black dress
from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and this dress, sorta gives me the same vibe,
which is just parfait (perfect).

The draping on this Donna Karan dress is just delicious.
Never saw anything quite like it. And I bet this dress,
with its color and texture would look spectacular at the red carpet.

This Dior Couture dress, would probably be worn by somebody who loves the attention,
anyone who would wear this dress, and stand at the red carpet,
would probably bring lots of jaws to the floor, well, that depends on who’s wearing it, of course.
The feather print, on the bottom half, reminded me of Blair Waldorf’s (Gossip Girl) Marchesa prom dress. Feathers are really in this season, in print, inspiration, and actual feathers. Is it maybe because of the Black Swan craze? Thats inspiring our darling designers? Yes? No?

This yellow *above* and pink *below*Dior Couture dress is so darling… *heart*


For the next 5 dresses, I decided to cut to to the chase,
Agree? πŸ˜€
I find it hard to describe in detail, on why I love them, its just that, I do.
And I’m a bit tired now so…yea.



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