Once Upon a Modeling Workshop

kyrie moon kyrie kouture modeling workshop
kyrie moon kyrie kouture modeling workshop
at Masters School for Models

Once upon a modeling workshop…

The brand Kyrie Kouture is 6 years old, from a simple fashion blog, to selling vintage necklaces and fascinators in my college years, to altering/ re-designing ready-to-wear in my design school years, I always have one thing in mind, and that is…

 “I want to make my clients happy, and feel good about themselves.” 

That idea keeps me inspired in my line of work…and that’s the Kyrie Kouture mission.
I’ve seen a lot of personalities walk in and out of my shop, like I mentioned, I love making my clients feel good about themselves, and it kills me to see some of them having no confidence, that they can’t see how awesome they are, and are too shy to strut their stuff, even if they’re wearing a pretty awesome dress/gown.
Which made me think of starting my own personality development and modeling workshop. Hoping I could inspire them, just like how I was when I took my first modeling workshop at Joji Ilagan back in the summer of 2005.
Even with years of modeling experience, I still felt the need for more credentials, in order to be an effective model mentor, so I took a modeling course at Masters School for Models, Makati, the only specialised modeling school in the Philippines, where I trained and was mentored by the Philippines best model makers…
kyrie moon kyrie kouture modeling workshop
After months of intensively advertising my workshop, finally reached my goal of filling 30 slots, plus 1 more. So I had 31 awesome kids and teens, eager to learn, have fun and boost their confidence.
Actual modeling, and teaching are completely different things, and it took me 1 session of getting used to. Hahaha! Teaching is not easy, but my students made it easy for me, I grew closer and closer to them everyday. Yes, there are times that I was close to loosing my what is already a limited stock of patience, but I reminded myself that even I, back in the day, also am a piece of work… Hahaha!kyrie moon kyrie kouture modeling workshop
But it was totally worth it, once I know that my students are really taking in what I’ve been teaching them, and how I see them having a blast, and just simply being a part of their journey, make me feel all mushy and warm inside.

Our workshop consisted of studio and lecture classes, for two weeks, for our studio sessions we have, Runway modeling, Photographic modeling, and Commercial modeling… Where we had 3 photoshoots for each topic. Shot by Gensans up and coming photographers, Raev Yap, Maggie Cubes, ShotsClock (Gerwin), and Rodrian Gonzales… and Marbel’s very own Caera Grace Agduma.

For the Commercial Modeling class, we had Kyrie Kouture (of course) , Macho Mucho, Wildcard Gym, Envy Me Salon & Spa, Hairs and Nails Salon & Spa as sponsors, and had the students model for their assigned brand. (Photos on the album below)

kyrie moon kyrie kouture modeling workshop
With Donna Congson
For our lecture classes, Intro to Modeling, Personality Development, Styling, we also had guest speakers for these topics; given by my dear friends Zumba Legendz instructor and proprietress of Envy Me Salon and Spa, Donna Congson-Sarifa for Health and Wellness, and Gensan’s awesome renaissance man, Rain Ramas for Communication and Etiquette.
For two weeks, 15 students for the morning class, and 15 in the afternoon… My dear students grew closer together, especially the time when we merged both classes for the rehearsals. Seeing all of them still in contact with one another on Facebook even after the workshop, makes me feel giddy and happy.
I really take this Fairy-godmother thing seriously, did everything from the booklet/poster/ID layouts, compiling the HD/4k video backgrounds,  the music, program, stage, even carried the tents to the atrium, cleaned the runway, etc… hahaha…
Decided to brand our recital as ‘Spark’, cuz sometimes, allit needs is a little spark, to ignite the flames of passion in our souls. And cuz it sounds nice. lol
kyrie moon kyrie kouture modeling workshop
Anywhooot… below’s the video of the full recital fashion show… hope you’ll enjoy it! Perhaps you’d be interested enough, and join us next summer!
<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/V324Evsj6lI” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
If you’re interested to join my next modeling work shop just PM me at https://www.facebook.com/kyriekouture
or fill up this form so we could inform you when’s our next workshop

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