I Miss You My Dear Friend


Dear Friend,

It’s been a while since we’ve hagged out, chatted online, or even talk over the phone. I know you’re pretty occupied with your life too. We’ve got bills to pay and hours to hustle. Growing up no one told us how ‘adulting’ could be such a drag.

I know I haven’t reached out for a while, but I hope your doing fine. I would we lying if I’d say that “I don’t miss you at all”. Because I do. No day goes by that I don’t look back at the days that we’re all together, without a care in the world. When our problems were just our research paper’s deadline or the outfit that we’ll wear to our Friday night out.

I miss you so bad. I hope I could just stop time for a minute or even just a second to hug you.

I’m gonna be honest, it kind of stings to see some of you hanging out together. It sucks that I’m not there with you. But I can’t be at two places at once. I blame myself. I should have a clone.

After the sting wears-off a bit, after I begin to realize that it’s kind of selfish. You guys deserve to hang out cuz you’re able to make time for each other. But then again, a  phone works both ways, and the sting comes back.

Any whoooooot  – – – Just wanna let you know that I miss you and hope you’re OK.

– K –

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