Legoland | Malaysia

Day 2 | NOV.13.2012
Monster energy drink for the troll in me. Derping with Al at the lobby before we leave.
Today we’re off to Malaysia, to be kids for a day. HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Our tour guide, Anne.
Man, was it HOT. Tied my hair up, loads of sunblock on, and vamoose… we’re off.
With Papa, yeap, he’s wearing my shirt, since we both think Ozzy is Ozzsome, plus its super comfy and breezy, perfect for the weather.
I’ve been told that I look like a female version of my Dad, what ya think?
The line was massive. But lines are my kinda thing, I have no problem waiting in line, I have something I call, golden patience, but it depends on the situation tho. LOL.
Shirt from 5 Preview Hong Kong
Legoland is a theme park that opened at NusajayaJohorMalaysia last September 15, 2012.
Besides the Legoland Malaysia, other Lego-themed attractions nearby will open sometime. The first one will be a Lego-themed water theme park opening in mid-2013 and the other one is The Legoland Hotel, a Lego-themed hotel located at the theme park and also the first to open in Southeast Asia which will open in the first half of 2014.
Seeing Asia’s landmarks perfectly executed to the very last detail with lego’s is just…WOW.
I remembered the pieces that I used to make when I was still innocent hahaha. Rectangular buildings and play grounds, and thats all she built.
Can you guess these landmarks?
Lego train behind moi.
They see me roll’n they hate’n…
Checking in to home base.
I wanted to bring home these lego wolves. So kawaii.
Smart is the new sexy. -BBT.

While having our lunch, it rained… Just like how it did at Marina Bay Sands, after we managed to tour the park, get our pictures taken, it rained, thank goodness we managed to get into the cafe and get a table, before people came crashing in to shelter from the rain. Wheew.
My feet are killing me. Note to self, never wear brand new kicks to a trip, it’s gonna kill you. *duuhhh *facepalm
Our purple bus at the back.
Back to the hotel to rest.
Then again, stroll’n Orchard road for some killer shop’n. Oh yeah.
-Joan Jett
May the force be with you rockstars.


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