Le Jour de Mère

Have you guys figured out what are you gonna give your mother this Mothers Day? A kiss, a hug or perhaps a piece from this seasons Chanel? Last year I made my Mom breakfast in bed,woke up sometime around 4:30am, and made pancakes and my special apple omelette.

But honestly, a mother doesn’t care what you get her this Mothers Day, as long as you make her feel special as she is, and show her that you appreciate everything she has done for you, I’m sure she’d be overwhelmed. Still, I love giving my Mom gifts, on special occasions, such as this, and I’m planning to get her a custom made perfume, that I’ll name after her, I just got to find the perfect bottle to contain it, a pad of sticker paper to have her name printed on it, to be placed on the bottle as the label, oohhh I just know she’ll love it. With the perfume, a huge hug, a sweet kiss, and a whisper of “I love you soooo much Mom, thank you for everything” to her ear, I don’t really know, what her reaction would be, but really I’m excited to know. I LOVE YOU MOM! Though I sometimes am a brat, meanie, and a huge pain in the ass, You know it, I love you soooo much!!!!

How about you? What do you plan to give to your Mom?

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