A Lazy Girls Style Guide

It’s not every day that we wake up and even have the luxury of time to what to wear. There are days where we just don’t really care, (did that just rhyme? lol) and would just like to get things done, and for someone like me, that became my everyday routine. Back in my fashion school days, outfits were planned days ahead, my closet is arranged by ‘looks’,  now that I run my own business, and have countless errands to run, my OOTDS were toned down, to what I like to call “whatever works“.

  1. Organize your closet. Sell or donate stuff that you haven’t worn in the past 6 months. Making it easier for you to pick out your outfits. You can also organize them by looks. Put pieces that work well together, right beside each other.

2. Basics – I am a massive believer in basics, that you can never own too many (same goes for bags, obviously). Why? They never go out of style! The plain white shirt and the little black dress are my faves! They go well with everything! They’re easy to style and they ooozeeee simple effortless style.

2. Oversized Shirts – Comfort + Style = Oversized shirts. Wear them as a dress, or with your favorite sneakers. Layer them with a blazer, shrug the neckline to the side for an off-shoulder look, use a belt with it, roll up em sleeves, pair them with shorts, jeans or even a skirt!

3. Accessorize– Bad hair day? Hide it with a hat. No makeup? Oversized sunnies will do the trick. There are many ways to accessorize to elevate everyday style. I’ve always found a really nice bag, a statement necklace, stacked bracelets or rings to elevate a look to feel a little more put together.

4. Layering –  is a lazy girls BFF!!! It adds dimension, attitude, and shape to any outfit. My favorite layering pieces are chiffon button downs, awesome jackets, in which I’ve worn below. Blazers classes up any outfit. Cardigans are comfy. And depending on the print of the button downs or jackets I wear, shifts the style of the outfit from, edgy to minimalist, from girly to grungy.

5.  Mix & Match – I love mixing elements in an outfit. Mixing kawaii pieces with grungy ones. Classy pieces with casual pieces. Print on print. Clashing or contrasting colors. Chic pieces with a little tomboy flair. Trucker hats with sundresses. Mixing different textures. The possibilities with mix and matching are endless!!! Hazaaa! This makes fashion more fun and unpredictable.

6. A Pop of Color – makes a huge difference in an outfit. If the design is more on the minimalist side, you can always take it to another level by adding color. Be it red shoes, a neon skirt paired with black pieces, or color blocking blazer and shorts. (refer to pics above). Even a bold red lip, could amp up your white shirt and denim shorts combo. Don’t be afraid to play with color! Experiment! Mix and match. See what colors work best for you and the majority of pieces that in your closet. Making it easier to put together outfits and also helps you decide what pieces to buy on your next shopping spree. lol.


Don’t forget, that FASHION IS FUN. You don’t have to take it too seriously. The only important thing is that you’re comfortable on it and it makes you feel good. !@#$ what other people think. You do you. ♥

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