Lake Holon w/ SOX Barkada

♥ SOX Barkada (gang) goes to Lake Holon!!!♥

Dec. 05, 2016
As I mentioned on a pervious video, I was part of DOT XII’s ad campaign for 2017, SOX is Next (check out the vid here: )
After shooting on our first location which is the pinapple plantation at Polomolok we set course for Lake Holon.
Lake Holon is the crater of the dormant stratovolcano Mt. Melibingoy (Mt. Parker), towering over 1400 MASL.

From the T’boli Tourism Office, we arrived at the Kule Receiving Center around 8:30pm where we had our T’boli cultural immersion experience. We slept on their traditional T’boli house, had a traditional T’boli dinner and their oh so yummy native coffee. After a satisfying dinner, we went out to look at the stars. Which are in full spark, since there was no light pollution. Soon after we tucked ourselves to sleep cuz we have a long day ahead of us.

Morning came, an man was it cold. I can see my own breath. Hahaha!!! As soon as we got ourselves ready for the shoot, we had our T’boli breakfast, accompanied by a dance performance by the locals. As we wrapped up our first task of the day… then we’re off to conquer Lake Holon! (8:30am).

I absolutely have no idea what I was getting in to. You see, all I have with me is the will of fire (yeap, that’s a Naruto reference), no trek training whatsoever. So the Sitio Kule Trail or the Hunters Trail, was a bit challenging for my first hike. Yeapsies, my first hike was on one of the two trails to Lake Holon which is considered a bit more challenging than of the other which is the the Sitio Nabol trail. The hike took us 3 hours. Not bad for my first hike evaaahhh! Right? Wheeeew!!! But I swear the place was worth it! ♥

Once you get to the lake you could relax your tired feet on a fish spa just on the lake side, go kayaking, swimming or just chill beneath the stars or next to the bonfire and bask at the ambiance of Lake Holon. ♥

For those who’d like to embark on an awesome adventure to the majestic Lake Holon, which BTW is now open. (after it been closed for a few months for rehab.) Weeee! ♥

Pls. contact Municipality of T’boli, RSW Tourism Officer, Rodel Hilado @ 09395780151


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