Kyrie’s Ultimate SarBay Survival Guide

Kyrie’s Ultimate SarBay Survival Guide

From  2013’s 75,000 attendees, to last years SarBay Fest hitting over 100,000 attendees, plus 

over 18k likes on Facebook, Sarangani Bay Fest officially made it as “The Philippines Biggest Beach Festival“. The SarBay weekend is filled with fun activities, all to commemorate, celebrate and preserve the beauty of the Sarangani Bay.
From all the years I’ve been attending this beach fest, I’ve gathered a few tips in order to survive the fun fun wild ride of the party that is SarBay Fest.
Lets get on with it!!!


kyrie moon Kyrie's Ultimate SarBay Survival Guide
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  • DO…carry a small sling bag when you go to the party zone.       Not a small backpack, not a small pouch, a sling bag to put your keys, money and phone. Cuz, its easier to keep an eye on.
  • DO…bring more than enough cash. There aren’t any ATM machines there, so better prepare your wallets. Better to have excess than to get short. Plus, scatter them, put them in different places, not on a single wallet, incase you’ll loose it, you’ll still have a lot of extras lying around. 
  • DO…wear something comfortable. How else are you supposed to enjoy your SarBay weekend when your wearing that outfit that kinda makes you look like your going to do a cover shoot for I-Dont-Know-How-To-Dress-Appropriatley Magazine. I don’t want this to appear like slut-shaming or something but, ladies and gents lets keep it classy. Tone down the hoe-down.
  • DO…go easy on alcohol– Chill, this is not a sprint, its a marathon. Drink too fast and you’ll be drunk, passed out by the shore,  before the clock hits midnight. You wouldn’t want to miss out any of the action. If you do follow this tip, you’ll manage to keep on partying util the sun comes up!

  • DO…hydrate yourself properly – When you’re under the sun all day, and you sweat and party all night, see to it that you hydrate, and do it as much as you can, to maximise your SarBay experience. Your liver will thank you and it would make sure that the bathroom breaks you took, would be worth it!
  • DO…apply sunblock.  Cuz no one wants to look like a lobster before the party. 
  • oh yeah… DO…apply insect repellent, especially for those staying in the tent cities.
  • DO…bring extra clothes. Or just enough clothes for each day, and an extra outfit incase you unwillingly get wet.  But if you have some extra cash you could get yourself a souvenir shirt, you could buy them in almost every dry goods booth at SarBay.

  • DON’T…throw your trash anywhere. Lets keep it classy ladies and gents. Don’t treat the bay like its a giant trash can.

  • DON’T…wear flip-flops to the foam party, Cuz when the foam starts flowing the sand tend to get mushy and (duh) really wet. It makes it extremely hard to move around or dance, when the sand keeps on devouring your slippers. Solution: Wear something that has straps or anything that could grab hold on your feet without them sticking to the ground.
  • DON’T…walk barefoot on the beach at night, sometimes there are broken bottles/ debris there you wouldn’t want any to get stuck on  your feet. OUCH!
  • DON’T…accept drinks from strangers, or people you just met, so keep an eye on your drinks to avoid it from getting tampered, its not that there have been reports of this kind of activity, it just better to be on the safe side.
  • DON’Tdrink and drive, you don’t need a masters degree to understand this. You’re not only endangering yourselves when you do, but the people around you as well. Keep safe people.
  • DON’T…pee on the beach! It’s salty enough as it is!!!
  • DON’T…bring vauable stuff, if you do,  (phones/cameras) make sure you keep a close eye on them.

For more info about the beach festival visit their website…

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