Intern in Sneakers

08.08.13 – 09.07.13

First of all, I want to appologize for not being able to post for a really long time already.
I’ve been everywhere lately, and I’ve never had the luxury of just sitting in-front of my laptop and just let loose. I know, I’m always online, but couldn’t post stuff here just for the sake of posting something, I want it to mean something. A lot of you loves have been asking me, what the hell was I doing in Cebu… But before I went to Cebu, I dropped by Manila…

With Ethan, Cousin Jules, and Kyle.
Right after I landed in Manila headed to Cubao, then North Ave to meet and greet Fall Out Boy at Trinoma,
lucky me, they sold out all the CD’s, so I wasn’t able to join the meet and greet.
 Huhuhuhu…Still, got to see them live that night so, Its all good.
After the concert,ze next day,  flew to Cebu. 

Photo by: Mara Dado
 … I interned for one of Cebu’s top designers, Sir Edwin Alba, which was BTW, a life changing experience. I can’t even stress enough how grateful I am to be under his wing, I’ve learned a lot through this experience, and had fun at the same time. I’ve decided to apply for an internship cuz I have never worked for anyone else, but myself. And to just dive in to the vivid colours of the fashion industry outside the walls of my shop. Interned at the House of Alba, for 1 month.

Met lots of new faces, races and voices. Hanged out with fellow freaks. Even got glamed up to model for my mentor. Also met fellow models, fashion designers and photographers. Meeting these awesome people, inspired me more on my mission, and fuelled my burning passion for fashion even more.
I wanna share to ya’ll what I’ve learned, but it could never be taught, you have to figure it out yourselves, sucks right? Well, its true, I had to realise those on my own, you should too. 
Its not that hard, you just have to open your mind, let your spirit tell you what you need to know.
Went to places, I’ve never been before. Everything in Cebu, was totally new to me. The Visayan was completely different from the Bisaya we speak in Davao and Gensan. Even got lost a couple of times, where I needed to walk wherever or take a cab, and not knowing where to go. I had so much fun. Hohoho…
And when I mean walk, I may be exaggerating, but It felt that I’ve walked a thousand miles,
everyday, everywhere, It felt like New York. 
Cebuanos are really hospitable,if I may say, been treated like a queen,wherever I go, always being asked if I’m ok, do I need anything or whatever… and my board-mates from Cagayan de Oro also made my stay in Cebu even more memorable. In a short period of time, got so close to them, as if we’ve known each other for a long time. Awww….hahahaha!!! All in all, I had one hell of a stay there…

…Until next time Cebu!!!
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Fierce and Love , Tyra,   LOL, JK,


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