Inclinations: A New Movement in Fashion

by: Kyrie Kouture
Metamorphosis is inspired by the beauty within change. The evolution of the self, how ones personality changes through time, the changes in the surroundings, how a flower blooms, how crystals are formed, and how they are sometimes used in spiritual healing.
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I hope to see you there loves! I want to see you all there!
Except this one person that I hate and despise with all my whole being.
Don’t even think about it man, just don’t. 
Don’t think that I haven’t set a few precautions to prevent any kind of nuisance
For the love of God, just don’t.
-end scene-
Sorry loves I just can’t help myself, still, I would love to see you fashion babies there! Give me a holla if you do!
                                                                   Lots of love,


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