Baguio Holiday Getaway (Photo Diary)

Had our family reunion at Pampanga last Dec 07. Had a blast, been with my cousins that I haven’t seen for a whole year and met some of them for the first time, since they were born and raised in Canada. Bonding with the cuz-es over booze, fruits and chips at the country side feels good. Quite amazing, that we’re all grown up now, have jobs and own families, it was just like yesterday that we were just rugrats who only cared about candy and playtime.
Pampanga being the Lantern capital of the Philippines, has the best Christmas light decors. I wasn’t able to take pictures cuz by the time its dark and they turned  the lights on, I was too tired from walking all day to sit up and take photos. Tired Kyrie is tired.
We had our reunion /slash/ Christmas party, and I had a blast!!!
I really missed my relatives, cuz we don’t have any here in GenSan, they’re all at Bulacan, Pampanga, Zamboanga and Cagayan.
So yeah.
On our way to the farm.
-December 12-
Magda-drive ako hanggang Baguio
(I will drive all the way to Baguio)
On our way to Baguio
Subic Clark Tarlac express way (SCTEX) at Tarlac
Where we had lunch at Pangasinan
You’ll know that you’re already in Baguio when you’ll see the huge lion.
I know the photo shows only a part of it. I can’t post the full view of it cuz they’re intimately private photos with my fambam,and also for security purposes.
No but seriously.
The strawberry taho, I’ve been drooling to consume.
Amazed on how the buildings and houses are placed at that mountain. Awesome.
While boating at Burnham Park

Lol. Mum and I trying to row the boat ourselves, FAIL. Hahaha.
Kewl bicycle at Burnham park.
I wanna play a game.
At Baguio Country Club’s Christmas Town
Man was it cold. Warming up near this bonfire with my hotdog. Wait that didn’t sound right! (?) Hahahaha!!!
Dinner at 50’s Diner
Another portrait I wanna bring home with me. Hahaha.
A chilli burger with Irish coffee for dinner, why not?
-Baguio Day 2 –
Hmm… This horse looks familiar… Hmm???
Pink!!!! Ponies!!! Gah! I wanna eat them all up. Hahaha!!! Cute!!!!
Being a jigantour that I am, picked out the tallest horse, so I won’t look silly at the small ones. Haha.
Amigo, the horsie, was gentle at the beginning, but then turned out to be a scarred-y horse at the end. There were a bunch of dudes, unloading dirt from a truck, and he just panicked, and ran, man thank heavens I had a pretty strong grip on the saddle, I didn’t fall off, it happened so fast. When his owner murmured “I had no idea you could still run”, turns  out he used to be a retired race horse. Yikes! After that, I got quite scarred and told his handler to slow down and stay in front so Amigo can’t run.
Still quite shaken here. Haha.
Well, that was fun. Wished we could have stayed longer, but we also have to visit my grandma and our relatives in Bulacan.
I mean this in the most  playful way, please don’t overreact, I know some of you do…yes…YOU.
lol. Just kidding, no but seriously, some of you have to cut me some slack and don’t make such a big deal off stuff you just read online. Jeeezzz. Merry Christmas! HAHAHAHA.
Kindness. Love. Laughter. Honesty.
The 4 of the cheapest yet most awesome gifts you could give, not just for this season, but for the rest of your kick ass life.


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