Here we come #CebuFoodCrawl 2018 !

#CebuFoodCrawl2018 ?


#‎CebuFoodCrawl‬ is the first ever bloggers’ exploration of the best food and restaurants in Cebu.


will kick-off today, November 30, 2018 ! And will end with merienda on the hills on December 3, 2018.

The Queen City of the South, Cebu  is considered as one of the best island destinations in Asia-Pacific region not just for its stunning roster of powdery beaches and islands but also for its unique gastronomic delights, which can be found nowhere else is the country. It is the culinary melting pot of the South, a perfect blend of various influences resulting into a culinary destination uniquely Cebuano, a culinary gem that keeps on evolving, and getting better and tastier over the years.

#CebuFoodCrawl2018 will take the foodies and their blog and social media followers into a gastronomic journey of the exquisite and addictive taste of Cebu hinting everyone with new destinations in the progressive dining scene of Cebu and new ideas on what establishments to visit on their return.

Cebu Food Crawl is organized by the Cebu Bloggers Society, co-presented by SUN LTE (official network), Cebu Pacific Air (official airline), and TravelBee Business Inn (official residence). CFC is also supported by PayMaya and Grab. The four-day event supports the Zero Food Waste advocacy in-line with our theme this year on “Sustainable Dining”.

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