Hello Cebu

Hello Cebu
Arrived at around 1 something, my Tito and Tita picked me up at the airport and brought me to Ayala for a late lunch, after a tour of the places I have to be by tomorrow, they dropped me off at the…
Basilica de Sto. Nino
I told myself before anything else I have to, attend the mass.
My brotha from anotha motha Robert  who’s having his review for their board exam was at Cebu too.
He catched up at the basilica.
I loved how I felt after the mass, it was like a breeze of fresh air, just what I needed.
After that,we took a cab and went to SM Cebu, yes, first stop Forever 21, of course.
Had dinner at Greenwich, yea, cuz it has the shortest line and we were so effing hungry :))
Went back to Mayflower Inn right after, I fell in-love with he place, it looks and feels like a toned down Ponce Suites, very artsy, environmental friendly, with a touch of heaven on its own,
 check out the wall on the stairs, (photo below) didn’t take the elevator since my room’s only on the 3rd floor.
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the most demented of them all?
Interestingly different but cute painting on my room.
Sampaguita from the basilica.
Was able to reflect on the poem. * Que dramatic tear, drops down my cheeks
The Heat is ON
Good morning humans. I come in pink.
Forever alone level: Mirror shots
On my way down to the cafe then suddenly…
While waiting for my breakfast…
We had to be at TESDA Cebu for the NC 2 assessment/exam by 8, and we did. The electric fans we’rent helpful the heat was just insane, plus the time pressure, gosh, I never thought I’d make it through.
Lunch break at KFC at the I.T Park
With only one hour break, we spent the whole day (9:30am-5:30pm)  making patterns and sewing, my hands were shaking with the thought of not being able to finish the pieces, thus failing, meaning I’d go home disappointed, clearly the heat and pressure was messing with my brain.
Some finished first but still ended up waiting to be evaluated, you’rs truly was the last person to be evaluated, THANK GOD!!!! I passed, we all did! I  was beyond happy and thankful!!!!
Exhausted, we retreated to our places. Freshened up and had dinner, alone, at McDo Escario, its just 3 blocks away from Mayflower, yes I love to walk, I feel like a New Yorker hahaha!!!
While waiting for the girls to reply…
Forever alone, at Coffe Dream Escario.
After my dessert frappe, around 9 I was hopeless, there will be no night out for Kyrie at Mango tonight… 🙁
Since my flight the next day is at 9:40am, my Tito and Tita would pick me up around 7, since the airport’s really far. I knew I can’t trust myself that I’ll be back on my room before or on 12mn, I know my limitations. Heaven knows how much I wanna celebrate and let loose, but discipline, self control first, ME IS LEARNING. Weeee…
Before heading back to my room…
Took a wild walk around le Capitol
They have this cute activity room…
With a library…
Only Supernatural fans could get this.
A shelf full of local and foreign, board games… about 3 guitars…

A cielo, table tennis table, a foosball table, a piano…

And a desktop computer that you can use… neat huh?
Coming Home
Not a morning person, but the situation calls for it, after months, the day I left Gensan and Davao, and my whole stay at Cebu, I woke up early. (on a normal day I wake up around 11am or 12nn)
It feels as if Cebu doesn’t want me to leave, It poured rain.
Like I said, I love the place, will definitely come back.
Until then Cebu. 🙂


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