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I’ve been grounded for a while, too much work and no play makes Kyrie a bit twitchy and uneasy.
After I got all my work stuff settled for February’s Prom season (BTW is my busiest season),  I had no second thoughts in accepting an invitation to go out of town, to somewhere I haven’t been to, something new (for me that is), and to somewhere fun and exciting, the heavens know I need a break.
The trip is to the awesome second class municipality  Province of Davao Oriental, Governor Generoso. Said trip is hosted by The Travel Teller, on Feb 21, 2016.
Me, along with my travel teddy panda Takaw Travels, had to travel 3 hours from Gensan to Davao on (Feb.20 2016), cuz we have to meet up with our 14 travel mates at 2am of Feb 21. Our Davao – Gov. Generoso trip ran about two and a half hours by van….
As we arrived at the Davao Oriental Welcome Park around we basked in the warmth the sunrise gave amidst the morning dew, all the while enjoying our breakfast. The cold morning breeze along with the warm light the sun as its slowly painting the sky~ dawn, is truly a scene worth experiencing.
Municipal Hall 

Stop over at the Municipal Hall of Governor Generoso

Tibanban Shores 

Our first stop, GovGen the fishing capital of Davao Oriental, showcased this view of vivid fishing boats, beams of golden light, cascaded from the sky,  Sigaboy island all in all reflecting on the water surface of Tibanban,.

Giant Mamaco Tree

Fairy/Pixie feels while being under this 300 year old majestic tree. You’ll find this 375 feet tall tree along the highway of Barangay Magdug.

 Cape San Agustin
Climbed two lighthouses (parolas) out of the 3 “Tatlong Maria.” light houses that are accessible to the public.
The waves are so hypnotising.  I could stare at them the whole day.
Travel Teller on his way to the top of this wall-less lighthouse
The oldest lighthouse on Cape San Agustin was built in 1938 and stands 50 feet tall. It features an exterior spiral staircase of 93 steps leading to the top. The one in the middle is an umbrella-shape parola, to about 80 feet in height. The third and newest lighthouse is painted in white stands 100 feet.
On top of one of the lighthouses, a panoramic awaits you with it the waves from the Celebes Sea and Davao Gulf that clash onto each other. The view on top, and the wind, kinda makes you wanna shout…

Parola Beach

Down from the lighthouses is Parola Beach or better known as the Pink beach. One of the only two pink beaches in the Philippines, the other one is in Sta. Cruz Island in Zamboanga City. The scene is almost like something out of a travel postcard, lush greenery, pink powdered sand from the red organ pipe coral granules in the area mixed with white sand, turquoise waters clear as they could ever be.

The Altar
Further along the pink beach is the Altar, the 60 ft. altar shaped rock formation below is said to be the place where Saint Francis Xavier conducted the first Holy Eucharist and Holy Mass on the stones of the Cape, when he arrived in the Philippines in 1550

Mount Hamiguitan World Heritage Park
The only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mindanao.
Thanks to Travel Teller, we were lucky enough to be invited in the museum before its even open to the public. Will make a separate post for this, a single post can’t contain all the awesomeness.

Have you been to Davao Oriental? If so, tell me all about it! 
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Until my next adventure
May the force be with you 

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