Good Charlotte [Style Icon: Charlotte Free]

At the end of December 2010, I was obsessing about bleaching my hair platinum blonde, and dye’n it with pink highlights for the new year. Then I started to see Charlotte Free everywhere. She got me. She’s so cool. I love her in and out of the runway, I mean, you see her in vintage shirts…what could possibly be cooler than that? And don’t get me started with her pink hair!!! Ahhh…I’m green with envy! But there is one thing that I have that she doesn’t…HEIGHT! She’s only 5’7! but still, thats one of the reasons why she’s famous anyway, and shes only 18 yrs old…

Her height doesn’t fit the norm of the runway, but still, fashion is all about taking risks,and being open to changes. Just like ANTM cycle 15 winner Ann Ward, is super skinny and super tall.
Charlotte just made her debut this season in New York.
And as you can see…


…Dip dyed hair trend is still hot, It was everywhere in New York fashion week.
I can see it now, Charlotte Free…on fashion magazines everywhere!!! She going to be the new Kate Moss…
Looking forward to see more of her personal style….edgy cute punk perfection.



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