PHFW Spring-Summer 2013 | Day 2

FiDA trip Day 1 + PH Fashion Week Day 2



OCT 23 2012 – TUE
View from our hotel room, night of Oct 23, to morning of Oct 24.
Last week was insane, from the very first day up to the last. Though I had some expectations, that were never met, all in all, I had an awesome time.
We (FiDA DAVAO people) arrived at Manila around 12 something. Checked-in Microtel, cuz its just behind SMX Convention and MOA (Mall of Asia) where the Philippine Fashion Week shows are held.
After checking-in we just strolled around MOA the rest of the day. Yeap. That’s just how we roll. Hahahaha…
OCT 24 2012 – WED 
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Where to? University of the Philippines.  Porma’t Gayak Exhibit.

Baro’t saya is the unofficial national dress of the Philippines and is worn by women. The name is a contraction of the Tagalog words baro at saya, meaning “dress (blouse) and skirt”.

Pieces like the one above are displayed inside a glass case, to lessen the damage that naturally and inevitably occurs to such pieces that’s made from organic fabric.
Amazed on how intricate the embroidery is.
FiDA Davao and FiDA people.
Pointillism is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of pure color are applied in patterns to form an image.
FiDA Davao represent. :))
Next stop, Marikina.
We had lunch at Marikina Riverbanks Mall and also to see the biggest shoe in the world and it was only recently that the Guinness World Records recognized this. Yeap. O_o
For those of you who don’t know what and where Marikina is  is one of the 17 cities that make up Metro Manila, Marikina is also given the title the Shoe Capital of the Philippines because of its notable shoe industry, being the biggest manufacturer of shoes in the Philippines, producing almost 70% of shoe production in the country.
Our first stop of the Marikina tour…Lucban Hats.
Hats and fascinators  for sale.
Different designs made of straw.
Hat molds.
Trying to be artsy. Hahaha!! But seriously, I’m just trying to hide my derp face. :)) 
You can visit their site at
If you like to buy some of these adorable hats, check out their Multiply
Next stop, Carmelletes.
Materials, Leather, and Suede.
Shoe molds.
Manong putting together the pieces together.
Shoe Museum
The Shoe Museum houses part of the world famous shoe collection of the former First Lady Imelda Marcos, shoes of the world leaders, past presidents, famous people, and shoes of different countries around the world, and making it the largest collection of pair of shoes in the world.
Vintage Chanel shoes from Imelda’s shoe collection.
Beautiful portraits of the former First Lady.
And even more Chanel! 
Gah, such tourists. Hahahaha!!!
I need this in my life. :))
Shoe molds.
SMX Function rooms 2 & 3
Gerry Katigbak, Jun Jun Cambe & Michelle Lim, EsAc by Raoul Ramirez, Lyle Ibanez, AudieAE.
This is the best I can do with a 18-55mm lens, a I-HAVE-NO-IDEA-HOW-TO-ADJUST-THE-SETTINGS-FOR-THIS-KIND-OF-LIGHTING and a seat at the 5th row. Hehehe…
I love the intro of the Gerry Katigbak show…
…and the music as well. Music scores from The Dark Knight Rises and Game of Thrones. Awesome.
Loved the cuts on the swimwear.
The finale was, magnifique. Very dramatic, and very well made.
Congratulations Sir Gerry!!!!
Jun Jun Cambe’s show, is the reason why La Isla Bonita keeps on playing over and over my brain.
Jun Jun Cambe’s finale, in motion.
Michelle Lim’s finale got people gasping.
To see their complete collections visit
What I wore
Little Black Dress: Bauhaus -Cheap Monday
Bag: Mango
Ring: Forever 21
Shoes: Rust Lopez
What a day, was tired beyond definition. Worth it. 🙂 My first PHFW experience was great, even having people stare at you from head to foot while waiting in line, was….bearable. It’s cool, no biggie, I get that all the time, being a tall blonde weirdo, I always do, what did you expect. Hahaha!!! Its fashion week people! Cheer up! Stop comparing your outfits! Kanya kanyang trip lang! (Let them do their own thing! We are there to celebrate fashion, which is basically self expression! Be happy that, that person is wearing a back-less, front-less dress, and for having the guts to wear it. Respect man, respect. Peace!
Lots of love


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