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Types of People You’d (Might) See On SarBay

Types of people you’d (might) see on SarBay Caution: to enjoy this post one must be open minded, these are just exaggerated opinions from past observations, don’t get to personal. Just for fun. 1. Lovers– Oh YES…but… Technically they’re everywhere. Hormonaly imbalanced young lovers – watch out for these youngsters, they make you feel that “awww… isn’t that sweet?” and …

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When a woman cheats on his boyfriend, she’s a slut. But if a man does it, he’s a player. “Everyone knows her bag’s a knock-off” “Of course he knows how to do make-up, he’s gay” “She’s naked, swinging on a wrecking ball.” “Female fashion blogger- oh, she’s so sexy, chic and classy. Male fashion bloggers-gay.” “You’re not a real fan cuz …

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  METAMORPHOSIS- The word “metamorphosis” derives from Greek μεταμόρφωσις, “transformation, transforming”   They had to get in SM in “incognito” mode. hahaha. *** The arts have been the core of my whole existence as far as I could remember, when I started taking ballet lessons when I was still 4 yrs. old, guitar, drum, and modeling workshops in high school, photography workshops, …

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Inclinations: A New Movement in Fashion

Metamorphosis by: Kyrie Kouture Metamorphosis is inspired by the beauty within change. The evolution of the self, how ones personality changes through time, the changes in the surroundings, how a flower blooms, how crystals are formed, and how they are sometimes used in spiritual healing.   Check out my graduation collection along with the collections of my fellow graduates at…   …

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