First of Summer

Parked car... This night sky ... Makes city lights shine like diamonds...   THE WEEK:   -SUNDAY- 04.15.12 DINOSAURS ALIVE at Bigshot       with the family, being a 90's kid that I...

Stylish Soul Sisters, Vern and Vernice Meet and Greet

Its summer time!!! For the season, Soul Lifestyle brought us Vern and Vernice Enciso all the way from Manila for a meet and greet...


Major shoe lust, satisfied.

D&G Spring-Summer 2012

Hold on to your sunnies ladies, this collection is to die for.Though some of you might just see this collection as an over...

The Pucci Spring 2012 Collection = Gypsy Chic

The Pucci Spring 2012 collection is fer sure an awesome hit, although not many people besides the supermodels walking down the runway and...

I Wanna Be Reckless With You

Yes D.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Just cuz I'm inspired. ;)

The Sound Effects Of The Overly Dramatic

I dunno if you guys noticed, but I'm really bubbly lately...*giggles*

Jeffrey Campbell and Wildfox Couture Collaboration!!!

I know what you're thinking...."Are you f!@#$ kidding me?!?" ~No! I'm not kidding!!!!! Its 100% legit!!!!!!Jeffrey Campbell and Wild Fox Couture are teaming up...

Halloween Inspirations

And yes, I am THAT excited, as an occult/supernatural fan that I am, I love Halloween, I enjoy the vibe that this...