Major shoe lust, satisfied.

D&G Spring-Summer 2012

Hold on to your sunnies ladies, this collection is to die for.Though some of you might just see this collection as an over...

The Pucci Spring 2012 Collection = Gypsy Chic

The Pucci Spring 2012 collection is fer sure an awesome hit, although not many people besides the supermodels walking down the runway and...

I Wanna Be Reckless With You

Yes D.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Just cuz I'm inspired. ;)

The Sound Effects Of The Overly Dramatic

I dunno if you guys noticed, but I'm really bubbly lately...*giggles*

Jeffrey Campbell and Wildfox Couture Collaboration!!!

I know what you're thinking...."Are you f!@#$ kidding me?!?" ~No! I'm not kidding!!!!! Its 100% legit!!!!!!Jeffrey Campbell and Wild Fox Couture are teaming up...

Halloween Inspirations

And yes, I am THAT excited, as an occult/supernatural fan that I am, I love Halloween, I enjoy the vibe that this...

Were all mad here

Keep on your mean side