Carte Blanche 2014 Style Guide

This year Carte Blanche is celebrating its first anniversary, and Manic Nightnings comeback from last years first 3D electronic music festival with 10,033 attendees, thus was dubbed as the biggest electronic music festival in southern Philippines. With the addition of the Manic Carnival,  #CarteBlanche2014 promises an even bigger and better party experience!

Carte Blanche is only a few days away. After attending the first one last year, I was able to scope out what majority of the crowd wore, and at first hand experienced how hard it is to put together an outfit, that could get you through a hot afternoon, to a chilly or even rainy evening.

Things to keep in mind when picking out an outfit for Carte Blanche…

1. Comfort is vital – your outfit first of all must meet the soul purpose of attending a music festival, which is to dance/rave/have fun, your outfit must be comfortable to dance in, wont be too risky, you wouldn’t want to have any wardrobe malfunctions, and you’d want to still be able to walk properly up to the last song.

2. Style must go hand in hand with comfort – comfortable is the key, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go glam! Pick out pieces that

3. Don’t be afraid to express yourself – Carte Blanche is all about having fun and you shouldn’t   compromise your personality to fit the trends, cuz thats individuality, its what makes you…YOU so don’t show it any less, When you got it FLAUNT IT. What they say won’t matter, as long as you love what you’re wearing, even if it might land you to the worst dressed list, but at least you’re being true to yourself, and not being just another clone follower.

4. Make a statement– fun and quirky accessories/pieces could make a whole look. Bring out those heart shaped sunnies, those neon faux fur fox tails, tie dye dresses or boom box messenger bag.

5. Your choice of foot wear would determine your whole day/evening– Believe me, I was one of those people who were limping back home, from last years party, Yes, combat boots are comfy, but I wore them too early, I just bought them 2 days before the party so, yeah, you guys might wanna stay off those new shoes, unless you’ve gotten used to it already.

I know some of you might be itching to show of your new Jeffrey Campbell 5″ wedged heels but, can that really take you through the whole night? Theres always a possibility for rain, and are you sure you’d risk getting mud on those new babies of yours?

Wear something comfy, and something that wouldn’t hurt your guts if someone might step on them or get mud on them.

So with those important points, I gathered these outfits, that might spark some ideas on your outfits, mi loves.

Look #1
Candy Kawaii Barbie
Carte Blanche 2014 Look #1
In this look, I went for a more fun and quirky feel, the sheer fringed kimono and the furry pink hat could provide comfort on what could possibly be a chilly night, and still appear to be fun and stylish, as well as the midrib top and studded denim shorts would get you through a hot day, if you just wrap the kimono around your waist. And those Jeremy Scott for Adidas sneakers are just killer.
Look #2
Carte Blanche 2014 Look #2
If you’re from Davao, and want to grab some of those awesome metallic tattoos you could contact Mimi on Facebook, she’s has them on stock… And if you’re from Gensan you could contact Jj,
On this look I took out the earthly tones of what a boho outfit is supposed to be and turned  it into a fun Boho-meets-70s-hippie-fusion look, by keeping the boots, bag, hat and golden accessories on the boho side, and the tie-dye dress on the hippie side. And may I just say those metallic temporary tattoos makes you wish they’re permanent cuz they’re super awesome.
Look #3
Laid back tomboy 
Carte Blanche 2014 Look #3
A friend of mine is also selling those Tattoo chokers, if you guys want some you could drop her a message…

On this look went with a more simple look. Based on last years festival, this could be considered as a Carte Blanche basic. Hellz yeaz, you could never go wrong with a graphic tee and denim shorts, you just can’t. With those simple pieces, you could go on and beyond with your accessories! Go crazy! The limit is to infinity! But there is such thing as overdoing it, I mean you wouldn’t want to look like a Christmas tree, people might start gathering around you and sing Christmas songs…HAHAHA!!!

Look #4
Crystal Fox

Crystal Fox

The hologram midrib dress would make Miley proud. With the LED spirit hoodie and sneakers would perfectly go with those sound activated wrist bands for those who have the Full Madness kit. Also went with a colour blocking with the jacket, earrings, iPhone case, nail polish, and watch. And blended the white Rastaclat and body glitter with the hologram dress.

Look #5
School girl on the lose
Carte Blanche 2014 Look #4


Inspired with the idea of a school girl on spring break, plus the preppy stylish uniforms they had on Gossip Girl and Taylor Momsen’s bad-ass punk-grunge style, an outfit ready to kick ass and take names.

These are only outfit inspirations, I don’t claim to know everything about fashion, it all boils down to personal taste. Its up to you if you’re gonna sk@nk it up, cover it down, or mellow down neutral, my advice, whatever you do, keep it classy and party clean ladies and gents, let us not lead a generation off a cliff by setting bad examples. Have fun within the scopes of the law and morality.

Are you excited to rave with your crew? Check out the Carte Blanche 2014 event page HERE or on Manic Nightnings website for more info and updates.


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