#Bloggethering @ Malungon , Sarangani w/ Mayor Atty. Tessa Constantino ( Kalonbarak + 3DOE + SODACO + Lamlifew )

#Bloggethering w/ Mayor Atty. Tessa Constantino or “Bloggers Gathering” is an event hosted by the Malungon tourism office. A 1 day and 1 night event that started 3DOE Eco-Park and Restaurant, Lamlefiew Museum and School of Living Tradition, SODACO Eco Park and culminating with a program + party + camping at Kalonbarak Skyline Ridge. ♥

Pls. Contact 3DOE Eco Park & Resto for tour packages to the ATVenture & Lamlifew School of Living Tradition & Kalonbarak Skyridge


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