Awesome Jad Montenegro’s EP Launch Is Awesome

The girl with the purple hair, Mandy. πŸ™‚
Aidx and I were among the early birds at the scene.

Aidx and I got our CD’s signed by Jad! Weee…*hearts*
It’s a keeper.
It’s my first time at Hip House, wanted to go to all the events that happened before, but sadly the timing was never on my favor.Β Luckily this Saturday was. *thank you my lucky stars*
Simply put, this place is amazing. You could see the stage anywhere in the room!
With a whole lot of love for music in my heart, I have a huge respect for the people responsible for the sounds that saves us,Β I had a lot of stuff going on in my life right now, and being there, having to meet new faces, getting to hang out with old ones, and having to experience the music first hand, was awesome.
Β *fist pump*
Anne and the 05’s
The kiddo’s. LOL.
Four Sided Circle
Was swaying along as the bands played and just enjoyed the awesome home grown music.
Astonished on how the lyrical content was extremely motivating and speaks of having the fire inside of you to push through your troubles.
*slow clap*
And the award for best supporting hubby goes to John Amor.
Jad and John, what a kick-ass couple.
Awesome Jad taking the stage.
Jad on set as we all watched her “ANO” music video.
the music video byΒ
After watching the video they announced that all the CD’s were sold out!!!

*cue wild T-rex applause*

Rhythm in motionΒ 
I got goosebumpsΒ throughoutΒ the set. True story.
Aidx with the lighter, ala Woodstock aye? :))

Β Β Β Β 

It was awesome seeing Jad perform, you could say that the songs have a soul.
Congratulations to everyone who made this an night epic beyondΒ definition.
Was happy and honored to be a part of it.Β 
The experience made me miss those days… screaming haha and rocking with Broken Tile…
*insert flash backs*
vids:Runaway,Β Going
awww…Β *hearts*
I’m sure you guys have inspired more local bands to dream big and just get in to the local music scene.
More power to everyone!!!
Check out Jad Montenegro’s band page
And her personal blog
Peace and Love

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