Annoying Stuff People Post on Facebook

I KNOW… I know… that on the Facebook anyone can post whatever the hell you want as long as they fit on Facebook’s terms and conditions…  But these are some of the things that I see on my news feed that totally makes my eyebrows meet and wonder, ‘Whats up with this generation?’
Don’t let this come as a ‘judgmental’ post. I’m not perfect either. I’m not claiming that I know everything about these matters,  cuz I don’t. See this post more as mere note taking, like how a scientist would write down his/her observations. So chillax.
To start off my list… we all know someone who posts…
I just don’t understand why some people do this, I mean, what would come out of this? You’d only get other people pissed at you for spoiling their favorite tv show or the movie they’ve been dying to see. Next time… Just don’t… For your own sake. 

2. ) Drama Queen Posts

      A: “I’m so not in the mood to go to school today” 

B: “I don’t wanna go to school today because school is full of pretentious fake people! I’m really hurt you guys! Finding out how everyone betrayed me… Woe is me…” 

*slap* People who care about your drama would comment or PM you if you posted “A” but if you posted “B” its too much, no one needs to know that, unless they genuinely care. 

3.) “Don’t mind me I’m just fishing for compliments” Posts 

“I’m so haggard”- “look so fat on this dress” – “i just had a huge meal” — “Sometimes I wish I wasn’t 5’10, and drop dead gorgeous then I could just walk in peace” –“Travelling everyday is so tiring–wheew”

We all know someone like this. *massive face-palm* Self-Deprecation for attention or for any other reason isn’t cute!

Young narcissists tweet. Middle aged narcissists do status updates.(2013 study via Jeff Bercovici)

4.)  “BAD-ASS” posts
-Self-destructive habits aren’t cute. Am I supposed to be awed on how you consume copious amounts of alcohol or should I say killing your liver? Or impressed on how you smoke and damage your lungs? This might sound like a health warning, but I’m just saying, no one cares. You’re just glamorising unhealthy living. Theres nothing wrong if you smoke or drink or whatever, its just don’t put it out on the internet.

Shocker: People who are conscientious, agreeable and emotionally stable are less likely to post Facebook status updates about sex and drugs. (2010 study)

5. ) The sometimes humble yet not so humble Narcissist, 
a.k.a Brag Pit Posts
-We’ve all seen this kind of posts. “My life is so awesome. I just got a promotion, bought a new car, got a new phone, just installed my new brain… #ILoveMyLife #BetterThanYou #Sorry #NotSorry” haha whatever.
There’s nothing wrong with this as long as the majority of your friend list are your actually friends and family, who really give a damn, but if the majority of your list are people you don’t personally know, you’re gonna come off as a braggart. There is no other angle to this. 
I have to admit tho, sometimes I find this funny, especially if its coming from someone you know that  for some reason, loves to exaggerate small details  of truth into narcissistic posts.
Example, Someone you know who owes someone else money and insists on posting photos of his/her ‘extravagant lifestyle’ That’s funny, and quite sad actually.
How psychology describes a braggart, 

Remember that big talk means small self esteemBragging is an attempt to cover up poor self image. Chronic braggers may be suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This is a psychological problem which results in grandiose behaviour. The narcissist needs constant attention in order to feel ‘whole.’ Underneath their self-important façade, the narcissist suffers chronic feelings of shame or humiliation. 


6. ) Status after status after status…

-Facebook isn’t Twitter. No one is interested in the smallest details of your life. If we want to we’d check your Twitter or Plurk. If you’re not a major celebrity, no one needs to know that you just got out of the shower or something…
7.)  “SelfieAddict just posted 100 photos on the album Selfie”

-The world doesn’t need to see all the angles of your face. Piece of advice: One selfie is enough for one day.

The study from three business schools in Europe confirms that selfies are the worst. In a paper hilariously titled “Tagger’s Delight? Disclosure and liking behaviour in Facebook: the effects of sharing photographs amongst multiple known social circles” four professors claim that people who post more selfies have shallow relationships with people. You know, real, live people. With heartbeats! Increased frequency of sharing photographs of the self, regardless of the type of target sharing the photographs, is related to a decrease in intimacy,” explains the report.  


8. ) Ghost Tag
– If I’m not in them, don’t tag me. I know that there’s a setting where in you could accept tags and such, but it takes so much time and gets in the way of real and actual notifications that kindda matter.

9. ) Game requests

– One of the most ranted about Facebook issues. Yeap it gets pretty annoying, especially if you’re waiting for a specific reply/notification/message then you rush to your phone/PC/Loopy only to find a freaking game request. Loves some of you might not know it but you could actually block these annoying requests 😀

How to Block Game Requests on Facebook
You’re welcome. lol. 

10.) “Like-wh*res” 
-This types of posts range from ‘Don’t look at my boobies, no just kidding, look at them they’re majestic’ -posts. To… ‘Hey! Pls. like my photos! Tnx!’ In short these types of people’s self-esteem relies on the number of ‘likes’ they get. Which I would argue, its because they don’t like themselves that much, thats why they need others to boost their self-esteem.

Social media peer pressure also works when it comes to “Likes.” (2010 study)
11. )The “Know-It-All” 
– This one loves to break in on everything and always has something to say. I’m guilty of being like this sometimes, its just hard to put my opinions out there, but later on, I realised, it doesn’t matter, cuz not everyone on Facebook is as open minded as I am, that a lot of people don’t have the ability to respect other peoples opinions, that they will always put themselves above everyone else, and will even  try to correct your opinion, which is preposterous. Opinions could sometimes be considered as immoral or inhuman, but you can’t use it against that person, cuz thats how they view the issue/story.  We all know someone who post these kind of shizzz… Lets us just push back the urges to call them out for it cuz, we’ll fall into their level if we do so. Let them be. 

“KNOWLEDGE is knowing what to say. WISDOM is knowing when to say it.”
I don’t know why Know-it-alls don’t know that they’re annoying. lol
Special mentions…
12.) “Too Much Info” (TMI) posts
– Just like your flood of statuses, we didn’t have to know about your sex life, bodily functions/infections and marital troubles

Top 10 Things You Should Not Share on Social Networks (MUST READ)

Study: Facebook Users Who Share Too Much Information More Lonely, Depressed

13.) #nomakeup #nofilter
-We’re not stupid, we know what a freaking filtered photo looks like. And I bet some people are laughing their asses-off your #AllNatural posts when they know about your nose job, breast inplants and glutathione addiction. lol

14.) Those Sympathy Posts 
– “Feeling sad.” —- “Glad thats over..” —- “What did I do wrong?” their statuses are like hooks, they’re out to lure you in their tales of misery, hungry for some concerned responses. There’s a difference between a genuine bad-news post and pleas for attention posts. Know the difference.

15.)  The Chronic Ranter
–  Most of these posts consist of political or academic rants. Which could sometimes get pretty ugly and even spark up a full-on online riot. Sharing ones opinion is ok, but posting these rants all the time?!? And throwing in a little HATE on the side is just pathetic, nice job, that’ll surely make the world a better place.

As for me, this post isn’t a ‘hate’ post, its more of a “These-are-just-some-of-the-stuff-I-see-on-my-newsfeed” kinda post, so NO HATE present here. Chill. LOL

So I asked around and these are a few of my favourite answers…

What do people post on social media that annoy you?

(Click image to enlarge)

May this post come  as a warning to us all, to be humble, and keep sh*t where it belongs, in the toilet and off the internet. Hey, if the shoe fits, better learn how to walk on it. Its up to you if you’ll let it define, destroy or improve yourself.

Maybe you could evaluate yourself by taking this quiz. If you want to. Lol.

How Annoying Are You On Facebook?

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