Alternative Prom Ideas | Prom 2015

Alternative Prom Ideas | Prom 2015

Sick and tired of the same old tricks from the old Prom Handbook? Here are some ideas that’ll surely spice up your prom ensemble. Included below are also a few helpful links for D.I.Y projects to achieve the ideas given.


Cuz whats normal… is too mainstream! #Insert Hipster Ariel meme here#

If I could go back to high school and attend prom again, I’d definitely wear these bad boys…

Are you ready loves?

Mother of Hairstyles!!!

alternative prom ideas kyrie moon
  • Game Of Thrones Hairstyles – For the Khaleesi’s, Queens and Ladies with long locks, feel like royalty while channeling hairstyles from the kicks women of GOT.
alternative prom ideas kyrie moon
  • Sugar & Spice headgear – Not everyone wants to be a princess or a queen, and for those lassies who want to be fairies, unicorns and vampires, a few metallic spikes and flowers could be your crown of glory! If you’re more of the boho carefree chic, a simple flower crown would be prefect, you could use real flowers like babies breath or peonies or if you’re crafty D.I.Y one made of artificial flowers, so you could re-use it for another occasion.
alternative prom ideas kyrie moon
  • Colored hair extensions  – Cuz colors are fun! Since most highschoolers can’t dye their hair in unnatural colors yet (its not allowed in almost every high school here in the PH). No ones getting scolded, its just a clip on, and its awesome. Cuz, hair chalk and coloured hair spray tend to bleed when you sweat so clip-ons are better.

For my PH readers follow @zelhairextension on Instagram, they have tons of hair candy extencions from every shade of the rainbow to choose from.

alternative prom ideas kyrie moon
  • Wedged Sneakers I had a hard time looking for reference photos for this idea, but I can’t seem to find any, all the OTDS online are all under casual wear. So I made my own inspiration board. Why wedged sneakers? First they’re comfortable, you can wear them even after prom, you could last all night dancing without slowly murdering your feet. The sporty feel is a bonus to a chic ensemble. 

CreditsDresses by Sherri Hill, (From left) Giuseppe Zanotti Gold Chain White Wedge Sneakers,  Jeremy Scott for Adidas Streetball Platform Logo Wedge White/Black, Sophia Chang X Trinomic Disc Women’s Wedge Sneakers, Max Star Korea Baby Pink Wedge Sneakers

alternative prom ideas kyrie moon
  • Tattoo/ Printed / Bejeweled Tights – If you plan on going with a simple dress, kick it up a notch with tights! They could be in a solid color, printed, bejewelled or even torn! Its up to you! If your from the PH follow @anwco_ on Instagram scroll down from their collection of hats and you’ll see they’ve got a pretty awesome collection of awesome tights. But if you don’t have time to buy online you could D.I.Y it! Below are some links that might be helpful. Let your imagination run wild while doing your designs. If you decided to make your own send me an e-mail, I’d love to see them!
                                       DIY Tattoo Tights – YouTube | How to make TATTOO TIGHTS DIY – YouTube 
alternative prom ideas kyrie moon
  • Temporary Tattoos – Truth be told, as cute as some accessories might be, some are a bit bulky, and we sometimes have a hard time moving around on them. Some bangles might slide up and down our arms like an overused elevator, and could be extremely distracting while we bring out the moves our mamas gave to us to strut on the dance floor. Sometimes, even loosing some accessories right then and there. Temporary metallic tattoos are the perfect alternative for bulky accessories, for those who’d really want to let loose and have fun without worrying about those stuff. You could get them everywhere lately, my IG feed has been flooding these babies. Take it from Chanel and Betsey Johnson, temporary tattoos are the new kids on the block when it comes to accessories.
alternative prom ideas kyrie moon
  • Quirky Clutch Bags – Lets save those sophisticated clutch bags when we’re old and boring (if you’d allow yourself to turn into that, HAHA!) Juniors and Seniors, you’re young, so embody it! With quirky clutch bags you could play around with. Have them reflect your personality! For those bookworms, I’ve seen cash boxes on our local malls, disguised as a book, you could use that as a clutch bag too! Or even buy a jewelry box, the ones that are used for jewellery sets, take out the foam inside and let loose, decorate the hell out of that box. Even a clear envelope from the bookstore, just add in some gems, studs, spikes or lace and you got yourself an awesome clutch bag without putting a hole through your wallet.
I hope you found these helpful loves, if it did, tell me! I’d love to know about what you did with these ideas. Enjoy mi loves!!! But keep safe, *wink* you know what I mean.
REMINDER: These ideas are not for the faint at heart. Not everyone could rock them, if you decided to, make sure to kick it in the ass!!!
Photos are for inspiration only. I don’t own any of them.

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