10 Ways How To Not Piss-off Your Fashion Designer

10 Ways How To 
Not Piss-off Your Fashion Designer


I’ve always been aware of my attitude when I’m out and about, I don’t wanna give the sloppy waiter a hard time for my meal even if its taking forever, cuz duh he/she’s gonna be the one handling my food. To some people its easy, and then… here they come; those  who have no idea of what’s in the code of etiquette. Those people who probably have to retake their grade school GMRC (Good Manners and Right Conduct)  class again.

Why do we go to a fashion designer? Cuz we know that these people, who spent years, studying this art form, that these people invested time, money, blood, sweat and tears to do what they do.

Fashion designers are artists not seamstresses or servants, they’re skilled professionals who deserve your respect, money and gratitude. We’re here to do the job, which isn’t easy BTW.

1. DON’T Ask a FD to copy a fellow FD’s work.

– So you found a photo of your favourite celebrity/model online, and want to get the same dress/suit as him/her. Know that you’re talking to an artist, and copying another artists work is a big NO-NO. It could be used as a reference or inspiration, but an exact replica? Nuh-uh!


-In support of #1 we know what we’re doing. Don’t lecture us on fabrics, designs and colors. We know what would look good on your body, so don’t tell us how to do our jobs, we’ve studied it for years and continue to do so. Plus, not all the designs that would fit your celebrity crush would look good on you too, unless you happen to have the same skin tone, budget, height, and body figure as your idol.

3. DON’T Bring in a gown/dress/suit another FD made and ask me to revamp it.

-This aint pimp my dress babydoll. What your asking us to do is to sabotage someone’s work and thats not cool.

4. We’re not magicians, nor cosmetic surgeons, 

– All we could do is make you LOOK skinnier but not actually physically skinny.

5. DON’T negotiate below the belt at a quoted price – There’s a reason why its priced that way, reasons being… The designer has to pay rent + electricity + taxes + the seamstress + the materials + the level of intricateness of the design + their entire life’s investment on that business + their talent fee. Pinoy’s are used to negotiating YES, but there’s a limit on where we could handle it. This isn’t a flea market. You’re not purchasing a dress, rather its a dress custom fit to you, your skin tone, your body type, location and occasion to where you’ll be wear the garment. We’re not taking advantage of you, that is how much our years of practice has led us to. And if you’re not up for it then…

6. In addition to #1 and #4, DON’T show us a picture of a grand design inspiration and ask us to do it on a tight budget. 

-Its like your asking us to bake you a cake but your budget is fit for eggs and sugar only. If you want something done your way, be willing to pay the price for it.

7. Don’t ask us to change a design you already agreed on , especially when it has already been made. – We can’t simply change the color of the dress, just cuz you don’t like it, but when we had the design consultation, we both came to an agreement. Or even worse ~ ask us to completely re-do everything from scratch, Nuh – uh – NO – cuz you paid us to do the design we agreed upon, and asking us to do another, simply means you have to pay us for that second dress. We can’t make two dresses for the price of one.

8. No show after the appointment with no downpayment – as they say Time is gold, if you don’t have plans to get your dress done by that FD, don’t waste our time especially during peak seasons.

9. Fashion Designer wannabe(Sort of a follow up of #2) We’re not discouraging your dreams, nor saying its bad to be one, but its as if you went to Michael Jordan for basketball advice on his home court and contradicted everything he advised.  Again, Pls. don’t tell us how to do our jobs. If you’re not going to listen to our advice, why would you come to us in the first place? Better yet, look for a seamstress and have him/her make your dress.

10. ASAP – As fast as you can but for the same price. WOW. We’re not storybook fairies your majesty, and we don’t have mice friends, elves or birds to help us finish a dress within in one song. A corresponding RUSH fee is given,  we’re asking for that fee cuz this is what you’re asking us to do; speed up our production time, and take away time from our other clients. Reasonable right?


What pisses-off fashion designers….

Fashion Designers with their years of experience have similar pet peeves, that I was able to obtain by asking my FD peers from all over. The not so glamorous side of Fashion. As perfection, beauty standards, opinions are relative, and that differ from person to person, situations like these are inevitable. Especially in a service oriented job. We know that these situations are natural and cannot be avoided. But here we are sharing a few inputs so we could at least try to avoid them from happening.  Cheers to everyone for your input!

DISCLAIMER: Again, we’re just expressing our thoughts on the matter. 
Nothing personal, just business. 
  • Yung may dalang designs na galing sa internet tapos walay naman budget para sa material na gusto nila hahahahaha… [The ones that bring designs off the internet, but don’t have the budget for the materials they want.]
-Anonymous Gensan Based Designer
  • Choice of words” (Like the words…..’ay naku ang pangit yata’ ….ang sagot ko ….’tama yan…pangit na damit sa pangit na mukha…di ba bagay’….sometimes they will even ask me…how much do I charge for a dress….at a party…. I will tell them, and they’ll be ‘too expensive’ and I’ll reply, ‘Here yes, but a big discount awaits u if u go to my shop’…sometimes they’re tackless….they’ll ask….’maganda ka ba gumawa ng damit’…..sagot ko….’kung maganda ang salapi for sure maganda ang damit’)
– Anonymous PH renowned Manila Based Fashion Designer
  • Ahmm…when they ask d price and will say “bakit kay ******,ganun din ang price or mas mura! (e bat di ka doon pumunta mutraaaaa) ”                                                            [When they ask for the price and mention that, With ******, for the same design its much cheaper, (why did’t you go there in the first place?)]


 – Anonymous Gensan Based Fashion Designer


  • When they talk smart about fabrics they know nothing about… Also when they insist that a certain silhouette looks flattering/unflattering with their body type and they are wrong about it… Hehehe. And when they ask me to design something and they ask me to tweak some things that makes it baduy (tacky). Kalerkyyy! (drives me crazy)
– Anonymous Cebu Based Fashion Designer
  •  #1 i hate it when clients text me without introducing their name. Its not like they’re my only client. I dont think i have to save all their numbers. #2- i hate it when they give me a printed picture from Google and tell me they want an exact copy of the gown on the picture. Im a designer i have my own style it is very insulting for me na gusto nilang ipa copy saakin yung work ng iba. #3- i hate it when clients bring a gown made by another designer and they want me to repair or adjust it. #4- i hate it when clients bring their “Judges” and say a lot of comments. I think they dont even know what they’re talking about. #5- those clients who request a gown na papayat dw cla tingnan. Hello im a designer not a magician. Mag diet ka muna or magpa opera b4 ka pagawa ng gown. #6- yung client na bongga kung humingi ng discount. I am a designer I studied for this fashion school is soo expensive. I dont use cheap nd low quality fabrics. Kung gusto mu ng mura punta ka nlng sa kapit bahay mung sastre #7- yung client na pag pasok sa shop kung umasta at mag comment parang ang yaman2 pero sobrang liit lng nmn ng budget at sobrang arte pa. #8- i dont know if other female designers have experienced this. But ive experienced this twice already. Yung pag ikaw kumuha ng measurements ng male client mo specially sa may crotch tapos may napansin kang hindi tama. Hahaha if u know what i mean. #9- this happens usually sa weddings. Ung sa sobrang pressured na cla nd stressed na cla na nag aaway na cla in front of me. #10- ung mga client na pag nag fitting hindi mn lng naligo or nagpabango. Pagkatapos mag fitting sobrang basa ng gown sa pawis at ang sama pa ng amoy. My goodness alam nyung mag fifitting kayo maligo nmn kayo b4 pumunta sa shop.

[#1 I hate it when clients text me without introducing themselves. Its not like they’re my only client. I don’t think I have to save all their numbers. #2 I hate it when they gave me a printed picture from Google and tell me they want an exact copy of the gown on the picture. I’m a designer, I have my own style, it is very insulting for me that they’re asking me to copy the work of other designers. #3 I hate it when clients bring a gown made by another designer and they want me to repair argots it. #4 I hat it when clients “judges” and say a lot of comments. I think they don’t even know what they’re  talking about. #5 those clients who request for a gown that’ll make them skinny looking. Hello I’m a designer not a magician. Go on a diet first or get some surgery done before you’ll get your gown made. #6 Clients who ask for a huge discount, I’m a designer, i studied for this. Fashion school is soo expensive. I don’t use cheap and low quality fabrics. If you want something done cheap, go to your seamstress neighbour. #7 Clients that walk into a show looking and acting like a million bucks but has an extremely low budget…and soon picky. #8 I don’t know if other female designers have experienced this, but I’ve experienced this twice already. When you personally take the male clients measurements, especially on the crotch, and you’d realise somethings not right… hahaha if you know what I mean. #9 This happens usually on weddings. When the couples are too pressured and stressed that they’re fighting/arguing infront of me. #10 Clients who go to a fitting smelling like they haven’t bathe or even put on some perfume/cologne. After the fitting the gown gets soaked in the smell of sweat. My goodness, you know you’re going to a fitting, might as well have the decency to take a bath before heading to the shop. ]

– Anonymous Cebu Based Fashion Designer
  • #1 First world ambitions and third world budgets #2 if on a budget, be consederate – dont exhaust all the customer service you can hoard from an artist. #3 be prompt on appointments as time is money… dont waste a creative’s time by squeezing all his ideas and creativity and in the end dissing him/her for someone who can do the same but at a lower rate… if u never had plans of getting him/her then dont @#$% bother asking a piece of his mind” 
–  Anonymous PH renowned Cebu Based Fashion Designer
  • …may one instance na approved nya ang design tas pag tapos kay ayaw nya pala… Ayaw nya i fit…so gumawa kami ng bago, and she didn’t pay extra.[There was an instance that a client approved the design, but when we finished the dress, she doesn’t want to fit it, we had to make another, and she didn’t pay extra.]

– Anonymous Davao Based Fashion Designer

  • “Well hate ko pag gina barat ako. Once may client ako na magpagawa ng long gown na worth 2,500 lang daw kasi yun lang budget niya. Tapos gina insist niya na maka gawa na daw yun ng long gown like wtf ano yan katcha ang tela na gimitin ko? Hahaha so yun” [Well I really hate it when people bring out their inner cheapskate. Once, I had a client who wants me to make a P2,500 long gown, cuz thats her budget. And she keeps on insisting that I could already make a long gown out of it like wtf is it gonna be made out of canvas? hahaha whats up with that.]

– Anonymous Davao Based Fashion Designer

10 ways hot to not piss-off your fashion designer




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