10 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her That Will Surely Make Her Swoon


10 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her That Will Surely Make Her Swoon

Any monkey with cash or a  credit card can order flowers and chocolates for valentines day. But not all girls are into how much money you spend on your gift, but rather the effort it took to get her one. Here are 10  Valentine Gift Ideas that won’t empty your pocket, but will surely make your gals heart melt. From a girls perspective.

1. A Jar/Notebook full of notes, stories, and reasons why you love her.

You can even insert a few pickup lines in there too. Your girl will love reading those notes whenever she misses you, or if you two are in a fight.

2. Put together a care kit.

Fill it with little stuff that she loves and needs. Make them personal, be it her favorite snacks, skin care products, or makeup. Here are some ideas for ya…  Aloe vera Soothing Gel, Face Masks, Bubble bath, Hand cream, or Lip balm. You could even put notes on each item like… “Gummy bears, for my one and only teddy bear.” Make them as puny, funny or cheesy as you want! lol.

3. Open When… Letters.

Write her letters for different situations and have her open and read them then. “Open when sad… Open you’re angry at me… Open when your sick…” Write as many as you can think of, just make sure you pour your heart and soul into every single one of it. You can even slip in trinkets and candies in there too. Put in a tea packet on the “Open when sick” envelope. Or a lollipop on the “Open when sad” envelope.

4. Cook and prepare a romantic dinner for her. 

It doesn’t have to be super fancy. Set it up on your garden, or a rooftop, or that special place where you two first met. Learn how to cook her favorite dishes, may it be mac ‘n cheese or lasagna. There are buttloads of cooking tutorials online, you can do this!!! She’ll love it no matter how good or bad it tastes! Red wine, roses and candle lights area nice touch. If you have the budget for it you could get someone to play live music. But a bluetooth speaker works fine.

5. Utilise your talents…make her something.

Are you good with words? Write her a poem. Are you a good singer? Sing her a song. Are you good with your hands? Maker her a jewelry box. Bake her a cake / cupcakes. Make her a music video out of all your videos together. Are you good with games and riddles, put together a fun scavenger hunt for her, with a little gift to reward her every time she finds a clue.

6. Flower / Plant / Herb in a pot

Bouquets of flowers die out in time,  offer a unique, colorful and long-lasting approach to celebrating the holiday. Potted plants are beautiful, less pricey, and say “I love you” a lot longer.

7. Valentine Coupons

There are printables available online, or you could make your own. They could be anything from a Breakfast in Bed, Full Body Massage, Out of Town Getaway, or even a Get Out Of Trouble coupon that she could use if ever you two get into an argument / fight.

8. Put together a playlist + headphones

Get her a new pair of bluetooth headphones along with a playlist dedicated to her. Fill it with songs that both of you love and songs that mean something to both of you. When words can’t suffice, songs are always a good idea.

9. Get her a Photobook / Scrapbook

Fill it photos of her and the both of you. Write cute captions. Decorate it with recipes, movie / plane tickets or souvenirs from your dates and travels.

10. Genies Lamp

Get her a lamp, or a cute bottle, a long with 3 wishes. Grant them all as long as their within your power. You could go as far as taking a smoke bomb out with an outfit change after she rubs the lamp, for a comedic touch, that’ll make both of you laugh your pants off.

There’s nothing wrong with spoiling your significant other on this over blown and capitalist holiday with butt loads of expensive-ass gifts. But let us not forget what this day is all about, it’s about LOVE and LOURVEEEE isn’t supposed to be highlighted in a single day and just pass on by the following day.  

Lot’s of LOVE your friendly intergalactic






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